Lost Boys and Fairies on Stan is a queer masterpiece.

For many millennials, growing up there wasn't a huge amount of representation on screens that portrayed a broad spectrum of family life.

 For the most part, the TV shows and movies we watched showed us heterosexual couples and their children — outside of that, things were pretty limited in terms of showing viewers an array of the different ways people become a family.

It may have taken us until 2024 but we now have some really fantastic representation in our media and a new series streaming on Stan might just be one of the best. Lost Boys and Fairies is widely gaining attention thanks to its very real and raw portrayal of a gay couple on their journey to becoming parents.

The three-part mini-series is not only an extremely welcome piece of LGBTQIA+ content but it's also, at the end of the day, just a wonderfully told story that many who have been on the path of trying to conceive or adopt will find great solace in.

What is Lost Boys and Fairies about?

Gabriel (Sion Daniel Young) and Andy (Fra Fee) have been in a relationship for eight years and they're looking to take the next step. Like many couples they're wanting to grow their family by becoming parents so they embark on the process to adopt a child.

We're introduced to Gabe and Andy as they undergo a number of interviews with a social worker (Elizabeth Berrington) who diligently scribbles on her clipboard as the couple nervously answer questions. It's the first look at how challenging this experience must be and it really sets the scene on what couples must go through in order to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

There are some really powerful themes at play here and they're handled with such grace as Gabe and Andy finally adopt their son Jake. We're invited to see first-hand how intense this process is all the while seeing one of the lead characters tackle their own childhood trauma along the way.


Lost Boys and Fairies is beautifully shot whilst still portraying the gritty moments that come with telling a story that dips into shame, addiction, and heartache.

Who is in the Lost Boys and Fairies cast?

Lost Boys and Fairies comes alive thanks to some brilliant writing and even better acting from an ensemble of talented creatives. In the pivotal lead role we have Sion Daniel Young (Slow Horses) playing performer Gabe who does such a wonderful job dipping into the dark parts of his character's challenging past and navigating his future with some pretty heavy baggage. 

Fra Fee and Sion Daniel Young in Lost Boys and Fairies. Image: Stan.


Acting alongside him is Fra Free who steps into the role of Gabe's partner Andy. It's clear from the jump that Andy, an accountant, brings calm and reason to this relationship. Free — who is a hugely successful stage actor in his own right — gives such balance to this story by playing the gentle, loving and supportive partner to Gabe.

Elsewhere in the cast is Elizabeth Berrington who does a great job playing the social worker and be sure to watch out for Maria Doyle Kennedy's touching portrayal as Andy's mum, Sandra.

Is Lost Boys and Fairies based on a true story?

While Lost Boys and Fairies isn't a like-for-like reinterpretation of a true story, the general idea for the series was inspired by the show's writer Daf James, and his own experiences. He and his husband had previously gone through the adoption process and had found it to be quite isolating.

James has said that he didn't see a lot of representation when it came to seeing how LGBTQIA+ parents go about the adoption process -- so he set out to change this when he wrote Lost Boys and Fairies.

"Even though I'd seen adoption on screen, I'm not sure if I had necessarily seen it authentically represented in the way that I was experiencing it," James told BBC.

Through Lost Boys and Fairies, James wanted to shed light on the adoption process so others could feel less alone in the experience.


"There were definite highs and massive lows - of course there are, this is life and life is messy," he said.

Where was Lost Boys and Fairies filmed?

Lost Boys and Fairies was filmed in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. While there are a lot of Welsh-isms scattered throughout the series, for us Aussies it's a really interesting look at the Cardiff way of life.

Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee in Lost Boys and Fairies. Image: Stan.


From hearing the beautiful lilt of the Welsh Celtic language through to getting a snapshot look at the queer scene in Cardiff, Lost Boys and Fairies gives layers beyond the main story.

How has the public responded to Lost Boys and Fairies?

Thanks to Lost Boys and Fairies' very real and raw portrayal of the adoption process, the show has struck a real cord with viewers. Many who have sat down to watch Lost Boys and Fairies have noted how overwhelmed they have become with emotion after finishing the series.

And, look, we cannot blame them.

"Guys I’m halfway through Lost Boys And Fairies and I have never in my life cried more at something," wrote one X user.

"I binged watched it and still haven't recovered," wrote another X user. "It was beautiful and heart-wrenching all at the same time. Had to keep rewinding as I was sobbing so much."

"If anyone fancies crying uncontrollably for 3 hours just pop on Lost Boys and Fairies and watch the lot," said one person.

"Lost Boys and Fairies is one of the most spectacularly written, acted, directed, produced TV shows I've seen in ages," said another. "It's funny, moving, uplifting, but also deeply upsetting. It's not an easy watch, but it's seriously rewarding. And a bit of a musical. A small queer masterpiece."

So it's safe to say, yes, you're going to need tissues when watching this one.

How can I watch Lost Boys and Fairies?

You can now stream all three episodes of Lost Boys and Fairies now, only on Stan.

Feature Image: Stan.

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