Man cleared of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl because he didn't "enjoy" it.

Content warning: this post deals with sexual assault. 

A Mexican man has been cleared of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl on the premise he didn’t “enjoy” it, The Guardian reports.

21-year-old Diego Cruz was cleared by Mexican judge Anuar González after he was accused of abducting and assaulting the then 17-year-old girl as she left a New Year’s party on January 1st, 2015, in the coastal town of Veracruz.

In his ruling, González also said Cruz was not guilty of assault because he had acted without “carnal intent” despite being accused of touching the victim’s breasts and penetrating her with his fingers. In addition, he said Cruz’s actions amounted “incidental rubbing”, the LA Times report.

After the verdict was made public on Monday, it was also revealed González believed the victim was never “helpless”, despite being forced into the car by one of her alleged attackers. Of the four alleged attackers, two are accused of penetrating the victim.

Since being reported to authorities in 2015, the case has garnered widespread attention throughout Mexico. The four accused are all sons of wealthy businessmen or politicians and have since been nicknamed “Los Porkys”, a reference to a 1981 feature film about the sexual escapades of a group of high school students.

The victim has responded publicly to the assault just once in a Facebook post in March 2016, 15 months after the attack. In the post, she wrote about the lasting impact the assaults have had on her.

“I cried until I fell asleep and destroyed my room many times out of anger and frustration,” she wrote at the time.

Image: YouTube/Univision Noticias

“I have nothing to repent,” she added. “I’ve gone drinking. I’ve gone to parties. I’ve worn short skirts like many girls my age ... and for that I’m going to be judged? For that I deserved what happened?”

Talking to The New Yorker in April 2016, an entire year before the ruling, the victim's father lamented how slow authorities were to act on the claims.

“It took the state’s attorney four months to bring the first people in for questioning,” he said. “Every attorney I’ve spoken to has told me that my daughter’s testimony, the videos, and other evidence we have presented should have been enough to have these men apprehended a week after the formal complaint.”

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