Lorna Jane has no plans to stock anything larger than a size 16. She explains why.

Activewear designer Lorna Jane Clarkson has responded to questions on why her fitness empire does not stock clothing above a size XL.

The fitness clothing queen told there was a reason her stores didn’t cater to certain-sized customers.

“We make the sizes that sell in our stores,” Clarkson told the news website.

“Right now we have XS — XL and that’s because that’s what our customers want. If we were going to try a larger size we would sell them in a store that demanded larger sizes, but that hasn’t resulted in sales for us.”

XL at Lorna Jane is the equivalent to a size 16, according to the sizing chart on her website.


The brand had previously been asked to stock larger sizes.

A petition that circulated in 2014 called for the brand to stock a plus-sized range before the business extended it’s XL clothing offering.

Clarkson went on to say that the criticism she received for not stocking larger sizes was not from people who shopped at the store.

“If they did they would be walking into our store and trying on the clothes, and if they didn’t fit we would say ‘OK, we need to start making those clothes in a bigger size’,” Clarkson told

“Our brand is totally customer focused, and we haven’t felt the demand for bigger sizes. If my customer wanted bigger sizes, I would absolutely accommodate. But we have tried it and not sold it.”

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The 52-year-old company founder is no stranger to controversy. She copped criticism in July last year when one of her store’s advertised for a receptionist/’fit model’ with specific measurements.

The decision sparked outrage and led to the advertised position description being amended.

There was also that time a Lorna Jane top featured an image of a woman allegedly used without permission.