YouTube's favourite foundation is FINALLY available in Australia. Here's how it stacks up.

When it comes to beauty, Australians are used to, erm, waiting for things to reach us.

And after what feels like 1000 years (alright, one and a bit) watching international YouTuber’s rave about the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, it’s finally arrived Down Under.

But how does it really stack up?

Available in supermarkets and pharmacies, the foundation retails for $27.95, sitting at the slightly higher end of  affordable foundations.

It’s currently widely available in six shades with the lightest being ‘Classic Ivory’ and darkest ‘Sun Beige’.


Offering a radiant finish and hydrating formula for normal to dry skin, it ticked all the key boxes of things I look for in a foundation.

As a very fair-skinned, does-not-tan person, I picked up the Classic Ivory to try out.

When I first squeezed it out, I’ll admit I was concerned. It was very peach-y/pink toned which did not look remotely like the skin I was about to apply it on.

But after applying with my beauty blender (after primer, of course) and working it into the skin, things looked up. Or more accurately, even. It was definitely a very light shade but blended really well into my skin, leaving no discernible ‘line’.

The finish: No filter, just natural light. Image: Supplied/Brittany Stewart

It gives a dewy finish, with a radiance level of, say, six out of 10. It's a genuinely believable radiance rather than the chunky glittery finish of some dewy products. The formula is quite liquid-y but a little goes a long way. While in some of my very dry areas, it eventually looked a little powdery, on the whole it looked smooth and felt light on the skin.

It's definitely not full coverage, more medium, but still provides ample coverage to imperfections while leaving skin looking like, well, skin. (Actually rare when it comes to foundations!) Think the skin you edit your photos in Instagram to look like, but IRL.

It promises "Up To 24 hours" but a) as I am not a vampire and b) I'm finally trying to stick to my New Year's Resolution first made in 2009 to always take my makeup off at night, I wasn't quite able to put this particular aspect to the test. But after about 12 hours, it had held up well.

It does have SPF 15 in making it a good summer option (over other sun protection though, of course) but I can also see myself reaching it for in winter too.

So was it worth the wait? Most definitely. I'd say it shares some major similarities with one of my all time favourites, IT Cosmetics CC Cream, including the dewy finish and lightweight feel, but the latter provides more coverage. It wouldn't replace it per se, but at half the price it's definitely a decent alternative.

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