The Foundation Diaries: 6 women show us the difference finding the right foundation makes.

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You know what isn't fun? When you see a hyped-up foundation kicking around, and you fork out some of your hard-earned pennies, only to find out it does exactly NOTHING for your cute face. Zilch. Squat. It's a big ol' flop.

And there's honestly nothing more disheartening than looking in the mirror at 12pm to find your new foundation has gone all dry, patchy, and basically just flaked right off your face. Or even worse - it's not even close to your shade. Not in this light. Gah.

And if you're anything like us, you probably just end up hanging onto it and trying to finish it off - am I right? Because who can afford to keep splashing out on foundations?

That's why we're going to do you a solid. We asked our Mamamia You Beauty panel members who were some of the 40 Australian faces of True Match, to tell us what they loved about the buzz-worthy L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation (heard of her?).

L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation promises a lot of Good Things. It offers natural, flawless finish, buildable coverage and is meant to pack a real punch when it comes to hydration (psst... it contains hyaluronic acid).

It's also the foundation you've probably heard a lot about recently. It's easily the most hyped foundation on the market right now, with women everywhere singing its praises. L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation has been hailed for its value (it performs like a high end foundation, for a third of the price), its coverage, and its shade range.

But don't take it from me. Here's what Chemist Warehouse National Category Buyer and L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth, Albina Reale thinks, along with five of our Mamamia You Beauty panel members.

Let's go!

Albina Reale, Chemist Warehouse National Category Buyer 

As Chemist Warehouse National Category Buyer and L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth, it's safe to say that Albina Reale knows a thing or two about beauty - she *literally* lives and breathes it. 

So, when it comes to what she loves most about L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation - you're going to bet we're all ears!

Albina wearing Creamy Beige 3N. Image: Supplied.


Shade: Creamy Beige 3N

L'Oréal Pairs True Match foundation gives me a natural-looking finish every time! It provides the perfect colour match for my skin tone - a neutral undertone which perfectly blends into my jawline and corrects my skin tone. I've tried many foundations that are either too pink or too yellow, but this shade (I use Creamy Beige 3N) perfectly enhances and compliments my skin.

I love that the formula is super blendable and long-wearing - because there are days that I only need a light coverage and other days that I need something more. 

My work schedule can be hectic at times, but I find that I can easily take this foundation from day to evening without having to remove everything. The formula is nice and buildable, so I can just go in and touch it up. I also don’t feel like it clogs my pores.

Another reason why I’m obsessed with this foundation? I love that it contains hyaluronic acid. It plumps my skin and makes me look fresher, hiding the fatigue I feel at times - so it's a great formula if you have ageing skin.

Manal Garcia - NSW

Manal before applying foundation. Image: Supplied.


Manal wearing 6W Golden Honey. Image: Supplied.

Shade: 6W Golden Honey

True Match Foundation is the perfect foundation for me. Working in the fitness industry I need a foundation with staying power that matches my skin colour and doesn’t make me look like I have a mask on or run when I sweat. It’s wearable and gives a dewy finish, which is what I love.

Having darker skin I have always struggled with finding the right colour and texture for my kind of work. For many years I have had to blend a number of foundations to get something close to my actual skin colour. 

I’m really happy to have found something that is affordable for every day, yet feels a little special! 

Kristy Warneford - NSW

Kristy before applying foundation. Image: Supplied.


Kristy wearing 4N Beige. Image: Supplied.

Shade: 4N Beige

I’m loving True Match Foundation’s texture and how it slides on to cover sun damage for an even coverage. It hydrates my skin without looking shiny and smooths oven those ever-increasing laugh lines. 

As my skin darkens with the summer's rays bringing to the fore freckles and sun damage, the deeper tone compliments my darkening skin. This foundation has an all-day longevity, never needing to be re-touched for evening spritzers on the deck, nor spoiling crisp white linen necklines like some other foundations do. True Match Foundation has a tacky texture that corrects easily for a heavier application or glides on lighter avoiding glossy T-zones or a shiny nose. 

I would recommend True Match Foundation to all my friends without hesitation. Its colour palette embraces a diversity of skin tone, age and complexion, allowing it to be the magic wand that can miraculously brighten a dull skin day. 

Kharlea Teo - VIC

Kharlea before applying foundation. Image: Supplied.


Kharlea wearing 3W Golden Beige. Image: Supplied.

Shade: 3W Golden Beige

True Match foundation has been my go-to foundation for several years now and I continue to love it! 

In comparison to other foundations, it is super reliable for longevity and coverage, and also sits as a great base under other makeup products. I love how they have several shades which I can move between as my skin tone changes between seasons.

 I would highly recommend it to all women who are seeking a foundation that is reliable, non-cakey and provides wonderful everyday coverage. You are highly likely to find a shade of foundation that truly matches your skin! 


Vincy Jain - NSW

Vincy before applying foundation. Image: Supplied.

Vincy wearing 6W Golden Honey. Image: Supplied.

Shade: 6W Golden Honey

Firstly, I was impressed that the team at L’Oréal Paris got my foundation shade right without having to test it on my skin first. They matched it better than any other time I've tried to match myself in person at a store. 


I've been searching for the perfect shade match in high-end stores lately with not a lot of luck, and I'm used to having to pay $80+ just for a shade that would somewhat match my skin tone. Until now I believed drugstores didn't stock my foundation shade, so I've clearly been living under a rock. All this time I could've saved heaps and still attained a high-quality product - so I was definitely making a hole in my pocket up until now!

I have combination skin and have been able to wear this foundation all day without it drying, transferring, wearing out or cracking throughout the day. I also love how buildable this foundation is and even applying a high coverage doesn't feel heavy on my skin. The True Match Foundation has a BB cream consistency but great coverage and long wear at the same time - my must-haves in any foundation. 

My final verdict on the L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation is that it truly is a holy grail for people of colour, and for anyone who’s trying not to make a hole in their pocket. As a brand that is mainly stocked on shelves among other brands that don't have a large shade range and aren't very skin tone inclusive, I am very impressed with the L’Oréal Paris foundation shade range and highly recommend it to all my family and friends. 

Jessica Paterson - VIC

Jessica before applying foundation. Image: Supplied.

Jessica wearing 2N Vanilla. Image: Supplied.


Shade: 2N Vanilla

True Match has been my foundation of choice since I began wearing makeup at age 16. Over the years I have tried other brands and kinds of foundation but have always come back to True Match because it's an all-rounder formula. 

I find that True Match gives me great coverage that isn’t too cakey, but still hides my imperfections. It evens out my skin tone, has so many shades to choose from so I have been able to find one that perfectly matches the colour of my skin, it feels lightweight on so I can wear it all day, and doesn’t cause any sensitivity or give me acne. 

It is really difficult to find a foundation shade that truly matches you, as your complexion is not always one specific shade ranging from forehead down to the neck. However, True Match has always been able to even this out and be a great base for applying the rest of my makeup - whether that is a natural daytime look, or a full-glam look for a night out. 

Not only does it have all of these benefits, but it is also affordable which is a big pro for me, as I can’t necessarily afford to buy high-end makeup brands (which even if I have tried, often don’t have the quality to match their high prices).  

I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a foundation that is kind to their skin, is versatile for day-to-night looks, and is also conscious about buying from brands that support diversity and inclusivity in their products. Being socially aware of brand ethics as a consumer is so important in this day and age, and True Match empowers all women to feel included, and to be their best selves with this product. 

Feature image: Supplied

You can purchase L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation here. 

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