The Find: The $19.99 multi-tasking oil that will work wonders on your hair.

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With thick and curly hair comes a dry and coarse texture – one I’ve spent many years attempting to combat.

I’ve tried plenty of shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks but they’ve never left me with the glossy and shiny-looking hair I’ve wanted.

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Then recently on holiday (facing a particularly frizzy day) a friend lent me the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil ($19.99) – and I loved it so much I promptly went out and bought myself my own bottle.

Oil’s been a key ingredient in hair care for a while now, so what makes this particular one stand out? It’s light without being sticky, and won’t leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy-looking.

Although I first used it as a finishing product to add shine and seal straightened hair, it also works wonders on curly hair (hooray) and is great at taming flyaways and adding a little more definition to my curls.

My curly hair is rather dry - and has lots of flyaways. Image: supplied.

For this you really only need a pea-sized amount (the pump dispenser makes it really easy to get it right).

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However, what makes it live up to its name of being 'extraordinary' is that fact that it's a serious multi-tasker.

I also use it on my dry hair just before I wash it as a hydrating mask once a week and if I'm going to be heat-styling it, I'll apply a tiny bit onto my hair before I blow dry to condition and add shine. (Post continues after gallery.)


While using it the three ways all at once can make things lean towards the "too shiny" end of the spectrum, I've found that using smaller amounts once during the washing stage and then a tiny bit to finish gives really great results.

The best bit? There's none of that slicked down oily feeling going on.

I've had the bottle for about five and a half months and am just under half way through, so I feel like you really get your value for money in terms of product use.

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It's also not heavily scented which is great if you're also using it with other products.

My hair love and I. Image: supplied.

My only criticism? I wish they'd bring out a pocket/travel sized version that I could keep in my bag for day-to-night touch ups.

What's your holy grail hair product? Do you use hair oils?

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