FLUFF: Lorde's parents did something very sweet on a mountain.

Well, this is almost unbearably lovely.

The most famous, successful and eerily well-adjusted 17-year-old pop star on the planet just got really good news.

Lorde’s parents are engaged after 30 years together. THIRTY YEARS.

The Royals singer presumably cracked a smile on that typically grumpy-lookin’ face of hers as she typed this little tweet of love:

Sensational use of emojis, Lorde.

Very happy for your ma and pa, for finally getting it together.

This is our predicted look for Lorde as Bridesmaid.

Cheery as festive, as usual.

The real question is this: Will Lorde and her best friend Taylor Swift perform a duet as Lorde’s mama walks down the aisle?

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