Bullied X Factor contestant receives excellent celebrity surprise.

Lorde has this guy’s back.

Joe Irvine has been pinging around the internet after he was publicly humiliated on New Zealand’s X Factor by judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon.

The two nasty judges criticised Irvine for having no originality or creative integrity. Natalia even went so far as to lash out at his hair and suit. Mature.

Willy Moon and Natalia Kills.

The video of the verbal beat-down went viral for all the right reasons: This kind of behaviour just isn’t acceptable.

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You can watch the whole nasty tirade here:

See? Just plain nasty.

And celebs seem to agree. NZ singer Lorde, in true lovely-person style, sent Irvine a batch of freshly made cupcakes that spell out the words “KEEP BEING JOE”, along with a supportive letter. Sweet.

But she wasn’t the only A-list to come to his defense.

Ed Sheeran joined the party with this tweet:


Followed shortly by an outraged Ellie Goulding:

Both judges were fired from the show, effective immediately, and were spotted fleeing back to LA earlier this week.

If you could chose any celebrity to receive a tweet from, who would it be?