There’s actually a clever purpose for those weird ribbon loops on your clothes.

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Along with the Bermuda Triangle and where all the bobby pins disappear to, the purpose of those weird ribbon loops on your clothes has remained one of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Until now.

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Turns out they do have quite an important purpose and do not exist purely to sneak out in important photos and opportune (ahem) moments.

No, it's not an badly made extra arm hole.

According to Viral Thread, they're designed to ensure your clothes don't slip off the clothes hanger every three seconds.

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They also help the clothes, particularly jackets and expensive dresses, remain in shape.


Simple. Genius. Still a little bit annoying? Probably.

A post went viral earlier this year on social media complaining about how pointless the loops were, even when knowing their purpose.

"EXCEPT THAT NO SANE PERSON ACTUALLY DOES THAT. On two levels. Firstly, I know very, very few people who actually hang their clothes on coat hangers. Particularly tops. If they’re anything like me, they ‘hang’ their clothes horizontally. Lying flat on the floor in the bottom of their wardrobe. Or chest of drawers," page I Know, I Need To Stop Talking wrote.

"Or ‘chair in the corner of the room for clothes that have been worn once and therefore cannot possibly go back into the cupboard’ (that’s probably a whole different post in itself). Or simply the middle of their bedroom floor."

She points out that not only would we no longer get trapped in the loop in the changing room or have strangers awkwardly point to our chest to let us know it was hanging out but it would also save manufacturers money to stop putting them on.

We have to admit, it does make sense...

Where do you stand?

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