'Loon Cup' is the smart menstrual cup we never asked for.

Hurray! Yet another gem has been uncovered from the mind mines of Kickstarter – and this is a good’n.

Introducing the dubiously named ‘Loon Cup’ – a insertable device that has been dubbed ‘the world’s first smart menstrual cup’.

That it is, guys. That it is.

“Think of it as your monthly period partner, a good friend who drops by when you need her, helping you feel better yourself, and making sure you take care of your body during this special time.” – Loon Cup.

Watch this video below and see if you’re convinced. (Post continues after video.)

Video via LOONCUP

Already at $30,782 of it’s $50,000 Kickstarter goal, the Loon Cup is setting out to redefine menstruation. If you’re wondering how exactly technology can help you with your period, the answer is not really. The point of a Loon Cup, you see, is all about, erm, reporting.

Here’s the 411 on electronic period plugs:

It measures your period.

To avoid overspill, it will tell you when the cup is nearing full during the day, with an alarm bell ringing when it reaches 50%. No more checking the back of your dress for five days every month, I guess.


It tracks the colour.

Apparently the colour of our period can reveal a lot about the health of our bodies, like stress or sleeping patterns. Because we all check the colour of our period blood anyway, right ladies? Right?

It keeps a diary.

You can see when your body is ovulating, when your period is at your heaviest, and how many days it actually runs for. Oh, and it shows ‘trends’ in your menstruation. Trends. Period trends.

The Loon Cup features a sensor, Bluetooth antennae, and a battery the size of a contact lens. *Gulp*

It communicates via Bluetooth signals.

Although the idea of inserting something that involves batteries and an antenna up our lady parts sounds about as inviting as childbirth, Loon Cup assures us that the Bluetooth 4.0 signals that communicate to the app on your phone/smart watch are extremely low and very safe.

It avoids dryness and is latex free.

Like any other mooncup, the Loon Cup is able to be reused by simply rinsing with water, and is a helluva lot cheaper than buying tampons and pads month to month.

The type of phone alerts you really, REALLY don’t want anyone to see.

Yes, this is a real thing.

Yes, you can read more about it here.

Yes, it’s completely normal you’re kinda into it.