NSFW: This disturbing creation officially signals the end of the loom band craze.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

A man in England has taken the loom band craze to the extreme and created a loom band penis pouch.

Loom. Band. Penis. Pouch.

Patrick Kavanagh decided to get serious with his looming tools to try and create something he could auction off to raise money for a local hospice in his area.

The end result was this:


Yep – that little flash of pink fluro is a loom band penis pouch.

We have the uncensored, NSFW version of this picture, and the loom band penis pouch truly is a physics-denying wonder that needs to be seen to be believed. Go right here to have a sneaky look.

Kavanagh says on his JustGiving page that the whole thing started off as a bit of a Facebook joke, but then he realised they could maybe make some money from it, so he set up the charity auction.

And the staff at St Michael’s Hospice certainly aren’t complaining. Head of marketing Bruni Llovet told Metro: “The hospice is so proud of all the fundraising our supporters do, even the more crazy ones which include abseiling down buildings and walking on fire.”

Well. At least it’s for charity?

h/t Jezebel

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