Look, I love shoes as much as the next girl but not this much.

Platform Shoes Taken to Their Logical Extreme.

I know you’ll be shocked to discover which celebrity was wearing these shoes. I was shocked. Shocked I tell you. Did I mention I was shocked? [answer after the jump…..]



I have a small soft spot for Victoria Beckham because I do think she has a keen sense of self-deprecation and a good sense of humour. HOWEVER. This fashion thing is really getting a bit tragic. Admittedly, this outfit was for a photo shoot and lord knows some ridiculous things are created and photographed in the name of fashion. HOWEVER. I think I am going to start a fund to raise money to buy Posh some tracksuit pants. And maybe some Crocs. I am getting desperate to see her in something comfortable. There’s just something so….painful, and I mean that literally, about Posh’s approach to fashion. It’s joyless. Soul-less. Try-hard. It’s Dress-By-Numbers. The most expensive designer number wins. Does she have no-one around her who cares enough to tell her that her dress appears to have exploded and she’s wearing medieval torture devices on her feet?

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