Lonni is 59 and refuses to ‘fade into the corner.’ This is what she wears in a week.

Lonni Pike is not someone you’d walk past without noticing. Her shaved head, tattoos, and fun, alternative style are captivating, though it’s her big, warm smile and immense kindness that draws you in the most. 

She’s known on TikTok and Instagram as ‘Gray Hair and Tattoos,’ and, in her 50s, has risen to social media fame by showing that fashion and style can be whatever you want it to be; it doesn’t have to fade away or become beige as you get older.

Lonni’s journey of finding herself started long before social media came into the picture. At 30, after leaving a bad marriage, she wanted to take her life and her body back. And so, in a biker shop out in the American desert, Lonni got her first tattoo. This, she tells Mamamia, “felt very empowering… I felt it kind of was like a catalyst of what started me on this journey of finding who I was.” 

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Fast forward to 51, Lonni decided to become sober and started learning to really like who she was. This was when she started to share her style and personality on social media. But, despite being in a time of new-found self-love and experimenting with her style, she tells us that she, “started hearing the whole message of, ‘well, when you're over 50… you're supposed to wear beige and fade into the corner.’”

Instead of accepting these societal pressures, Lonni said, “No, I don't want to fade away. I just started liking myself.” So, she made an Instagram page to share that “fashion doesn’t stop at 50… It’s never too late to find [your] version of happiness.”


When you’re a woman in your 50s who doesn’t adhere to society's expectations, things aren’t always smooth sailing. Lonni explains that being who she was meant that she didn’t quite fit into any groups; not the over-50s, or the tattoo crowds. 

But bridges are there to be crossed, and Lonni made her own lane. From there, “Everything exploded and I have not tried to fit in with any niche ever since.”

Lonni’s story is both beautiful and inspiring - just like her wardrobe. 

Below is a week’s worth of Lonni’s fits to inspire you all to be as funky and stylish as you want to be - no matter your age or where you are at in life:

Outfit one.

Mary Jane Docs, straight-leg jeans, and a flowy top shaped with a black leather harness. Finish with her fave sunnies, and Lonni is looking fresh and fabulous! 

@grayhairandtattoos Day 12 Of My Fashion Journey - It’s a Free People and Docs Kinda Day @Dr. Martens @Free People #my #fashion #journey #ootd #fashiontiktok #fun ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit two.

For outfit two, Lonni is wearing a House of Harlow, red halter-neck, patterned jeans from Urban Outfitters, animal print loafers, and the cutest belt in the world! 

@grayhairandtattoos Day 9 Of My Fashion Journey - My insecurities almost got the best of me today! @Dr. Martens @Urban Outfitters #style #journey #day9 #tiktokfashion #fun ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit three.

This is definitely a favourite of ours. Lonni is wearing a Free People maxi-shirt, shaped with her black leather harness, bike shorts, and burgundy high-top Dr. Martens boots. 

@grayhairandtattoos Day 3 of being 59 and let’s style a Free People maxi top! @Free People #my #style #journey ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit four.

Bring on the 90s double denim look! Lonni is wearing a thrifted denim shirt, H&M oversized denim shorts, a black studded belt, and platform loafers with white socks. 

@grayhairandtattoos Day 4 of being 59 and my outfit is Funky Fresh! #90s #vibe #outfit #style #tiktokfashion ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit five. 

For outfit five, Lonni wears her favorite denim Dickie overalls, a brown, frilled-sleeve top, and chunky black ankle boots.

Lonni says about her Dickie overalls, “Everybody needs that one go-to outfit that when you wake up and you're having that day where you just can't get everything together, you can walk into your closet, you can pick it out, you're gonna feel fine. And for me, it's a pair of Dickie overalls and Doc Martens.”

@grayhairandtattoos Day 5 of my style journey at 59! @Dickies @Dr. Martens @Free People #overalls #style #journey #day5 #outfit ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit six.

Lonni is layering with this look. She is wearing a white, Free People tank under a white strapless Zara shirt, with thrifted, straight-leg pants and animal print loafers.

@grayhairandtattoos Day 6 - Styling My Thrifted Free People Pants #style #journey #thrifted #freepeople #day6 ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

Outfit seven.

Lonni was having a bit of a ‘blah’ day when putting together this outfit, so chose something comfy. She is wearing a thrifted black, patterned top with denim, Free People overalls, and platform Converse shoes.

@grayhairandtattoos Day 8 Style Journey And I’m Feeling Blah! #style #journey #over #50 #tiktokfashion #fun ♬ original sound - Lonni Pike

When we asked Lonni how she'd describe her personal style she gave an answer we didn’t entirely expect, but one we all aspire to use someday. 

Lonni told us she’d describe her style as, “Lonni.”

She said, “I just resonate so much with myself and I always tell everybody in my [TikTok] ‘Lives’ that style and fashion have absolutely nothing to do with brands… It has absolutely everything to do with how you feel when you're wearing that article of clothing.”

We could not agree more. 

Check out Lonni’s ‘365 days of fashion’ series on TikTok to see more of her incredible fits.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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