Why the 'comfortable' part of a relationship is far better than the honeymoon stage.

There’s no denying the dizzying excitement of a new relationship.

It’s called the ‘Honeymoon’ period for a reason – everything is new, you see your partner through rose-tinted glasses, you get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about them, and every day is a rush of cute texts, surprise flowers “just because” and romantic, spontaneous dates.

Fast forward 12 months (or less) and the flowers are dead, the only texts are grocery lists, and it’s considered a special occasion if you put on undies. Congratulations, you’ve reached the “comfortable” stage of the relationship.


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But before you get nostalgic and glare at every newly loved-up couple you pass in the street with envy, consider that this 'boring' (in comparison, at least) stage is actually far better than those early days.

Here's why.

1.You don't need a team of FBI detectives to decode their texts.

"You know how to communicate with each other," as Katy explains.

You've fully committed to each other so you don't need to read into what he really means by "ok", or whether he's lost interest if he doesn't respond to your text in less than 30 seconds.

2. They 'get' your family.

Or at least they put up with them.

"It's the best when your partner understands all your unspoken family stuff. Like, even though your sister was objectively lovely, they can read all the subtext," says Jane. (Post continues after gallery.)


3. It's sustainable.

The reason the honeymoon period doesn't last? That feeling of 'new' and 'excitement' and 'sex multiple times every day' cannot physically be sustained forever. And those flowers 'just because'? They're bloody expensive.

4. You can be 'you'.

You know, the ACTUAL you that doesn't wake up in a full face of makeup or religiously wear matching lingerie, but rather picks their feet while watching TV and sometimes wear underwear for more than one day in a row.


"You know what the other person likes, and your time becomes about having fun and catering to one another rather than just trying to impress them," says Katy.

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5. They know how you like things (sex or otherwise).

From how many sugars in your tea to your favourite flavour ice cream, they just get you.

Same with sex.

It may be more of a 10 minute activity rather than a three hour steamy session with actual foreplay, but they know exactly what to do and when. Highly underrated.

6. You can have your space.

"You're allowed to say 'Please leave me alone' and they don't get weird and think you're going to leave them," says Jess.

And you can sit next to each other in total silence, ignoring each other and scrolling through your phone and consider it a good night.

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7. They know all about you.

The good, the bad, the embarrassing AND the mortifying.

"I just find it so nice when someone knows everything about you. It's my favourite thing," says Jo.

8. You can not have sex and it's OK.

One night sleeping together and not having sex at a start of a relationship can lead to lots of insecurities. In the comfort of an established relationship, it's perfectly ok - and normal. (Hell, one day? That's a good run!)

9. Binging TV together without feeling guilty.

No, not 'Netflix and chill' but actual whole day, all night binging without showering or generally moving from the couch. How's that for a winning date?