Pray For London: Heatwave sees temperatures hit low to mid thirties.


London is losing its collective shit, as residents struggle to cope with a torturous heatwave. A torturous heatwave that has seen temperatures hit 30 DEGREES CELSIUS. And if that doesn’t make you feel for our Pommy brothers and sisters, yesterday things got so bad, the mercury actually soared to a massive 35 THIRTY FIVE.

Here’s how the London temperatures look this week:

Mon: 29

Tues: 30

Wed: 35

Thurs: 26

Fri: 29

Sat: 28

Sun: 25

Severe weather warnings have been issued. Citizens have been instructed to wear less clothing and drink more water. Articles are being written with titles like “How to survive in the city when it’s hotter than the Sahara.” People are saying their goodbyes to family and loved ones. THIS IS BAD YOU GUYS.

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