British Muslims gave 3,000 roses to strangers crossing the London Bridge in a message of love.

A week after the London Bridge terror attack, British Muslims spent their Sunday handing out 3,000 roses to strangers, reminding the world of what it really means to be Muslim.

“[We] celebrate love, community and our common humanity,” reads the Facebook page of 1000Roses, a community organisation. “This is the time to take hold of the pen and decide what narrative will define us in the wake of dark and distressing times.”

Eight people were killed on the night of June 3, when three men drove a van across London Bridge, plowing into crowds. After coming to a halt, the attackers used knives to stab strangers.

Forty-eight people were injured in the attack, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.



After raising money to buy what was to be 1,000 roses—it soon became 3,000—members of the British Muslim community spent their Sunday handing out them out with messages of love to people crossing the London Bridge.

Each rose came with a yellow card that read:

“Today we are gifting more than 1,000 roses. We won’t let London Bridge fall down, nor any bridge upon which the communities of this great city and nation are built.”


It’s all about Love ????!!! #1000roses#loveskatebording

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Two Australians were among those killed in the attack: Sara Zelenak, 21, a nanny from Brisbane, and Kirsty Boden,28,  a nurse from South Australia.

Both worked at a London hospital.