Hero, Shocker, Whinger of the week.

The statement from Anthony Albanese that will never be topped.

Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week.

This is the time where we get to unreservedly judge what we deem to be the best, most shocking, and most whingey moment of the week. This week gets a little bit political but they’re just giving us so much material lately, it’s hard not to.

Hero goes to….

Shadow Minister and Member for Grayndler in the federal parliament, Anthony Albanese.

After the announcement of the retirement of Sydney Airport chairman Max Moore-Wilton in the past week, Albo had something he wanted to say.

The two had previously had very public disagreements over an additional Sydney Airport, with Albo being pro-plane and Max firmly against. So as Max decided to fly the coop, Albo released a nuanced statement.


Shocker goes to…

West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland for banning happiness and high fives.

Nkosana Mdikane, commonly referred to as “Scotland’s happiest lollipop man”, is known for his well intentioned high fives, as children cross the Scottish roads. But in the last week the West Dunbartonshire Council decided they’d had enough of all this frivolity and fun-having.

A statement released by the council said “All patrollers are instructed when crossing children over a road to remain static with one hand on their stick and the other stretched outwards. This ensures that they can be seen and effectively provides a barrier between school pupils and the traffic.”

In other words, “we have decided that people are not miserable enough and we are going to rectify that immediately.”

Whinger goes to…

Attorney-General George Brandis.

Yes, you George.

Really, could this go to anyone else? After the President of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs released her report into children in detention, George decided he was not so pleased with what she found. Mainly that the Government’s handling of these children is, quite simply, disgraceful and they were being locked up for too long a time.

“Gilliaaaaaaaan,” he whined, “stop being so meeeeeeean”. *May or may not be a direct quote.

The Attorney General retaliated in the only way he knew how. He said “no it’s your fault somehow!” and blamed political bias, undermining Triggs’ independent position as President of the Human Rights Commission, while allegedly offering her a “better job” on the sly.

Who was your Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week?

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