Scientists invent lollies that don't rot your teeth

Scientists in Berlin claim to have developed  lollies that don’t cause cavities. The biotech lab Organo Balance says their confectionery claims their line of sweets – while not good for waistlines – won’t hurt your teeth.

How have they managed to come up with this? It turns out tooth decay and cavities aren't caused by sugar after all. The cause is the bacteria in food called 'streptococcus mutans' (sounds like a character out of Transformers, right?). Anyway, the bacteria attaches to the surface of the teeth and slowly releases acid that dissolves the enamel. So kids have to brush their teeth regularly to prevent tooth decay.

These scientists have added a bacteria called 'lactobacillus' to their lollies that stops the 'streptococcus mutans' from attaching to teeth.

Mmmm, delicious.

Children will still need to brush and floss regularly but you won't ever get to say, "They'll rot your teeth" when watching children take their third handful of sweets.

Do you put sweets in your kids' Christmas stocking? What sort?