'Some stars won't talk to you.' Just all the things we learnt from being at the 2019 Logies.

Excuse us.

But we have gossip and it would be a crime not to share all of it immediately.

You see, we spent Sunday afternoon on the Logies red carpet surrounded by people we know from such places as the television, but also TV shows, singing contests, breakfast television shows, TV series and television news.

It was overwhelming and we’ve needed time to reflect. 

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There are five very important things we learned from our time at the TV Week Logies and we’ll tell you but you have to promise to keep it a secret. Forever.

1. Some stars won’t talk to you

Okay correction.

Some stars won’t talk to us. 

On every red carpet, media take their place behind carefully positioned ropes that stop you from getting too close to the famous people. For journalists, it’s a very dignified experience, characterised by yelling loudly at the celebrities you’d like to talk to, while making crazy eyes at their publicists so they know you’re not to be ignored.


But there are some celebrities who are actually too famous to talk to all the media, and yes, one of them is Boy George.

Other celebrities who snubbed us (or likely just had far more important places to be) include Sophie Monk, Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland.

But then there's the... reverse. Some celebrities want to talk to you, and you're not that... keen.

For us, that was the cast of Young Sheldon and when we were approached to see if we wanted an interview, we said far too loudly, 'NO THANKS,' to then see the shattered faces of children within earshot.

Sorry... Sheldon.

2. Everyone stays in the hotel so if you just stay in the lift you're BOUND to see famous people

When we arrived to check in at The Star (the hotel where the Logies event is held, and all the celebrities stay), we immediately saw none other than former Bachelorette contestant Michael Turnbull.

It's currently unclear whether he was there to attend the Logies.

We THEN saw THE Cam from Married at First Sight enquiring about something with reception like he was just some ordinary guy!

That's when we decided to just get in the lift and go up and down to see if anyone famous emerged.

We encountered a) three guys from Travel Guides who were stoked to be recognised, and b) Shelley Craft.

On our way to our room we then spotted Brooke Boney and then later we saw Guy Sebastian and it was like Instagram but in real life. 

Omg she's showering.

3. Some people are on the red carpet for, legit, like an hour and a half

On TV it looks like people are fleetingly on the red carpet, getting a few photos before making their way into the venue. But no. 

The likes of Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson, Hamish Blake, Zoe Foster Blake, Waleed Aly, Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding are literally on the red carpet for like an hour and a half. And they're nice the whole entire time. 

"When can I leave and can it be now." Image via Getty.

4. Everyone keeps stepping on each other's trains

Well. This doesn't make it to the TV. But everyone is just tripping over the trains of other people's dresses the entire time.

You see, there's a lot of people packed into a small space, and some men (in particular) happen to have big... feet.

We watched as a guy full stepped on Sonia Kruger's dress, almost ripping it as she continued to walk. She laughed but you know she was thinking, "Watch where you're f*cking going mate."


Deborah Knight had the same problem, and now we know why famous people have 'minders'.

They need protection.

From the feet.

5. There's really good room service. We know because we got it

When we got back to our room after being on the red carpet for over three hours, we knew it was time to have a nutritious and balanced meal.

We ordered The Star's finest cheeseburgers with chips AND a coke and it was everything we needed it to be and more.

In all seriousness, the room service delivery was an oven do you understand? It came in an oven. 

We can also confirm that the burgers we ate were of the same variety as the burger our good friend Rebecca Harding ate.

Mmmm famous person burger. Image via Instagram.

There's no better way to finish off a night.

Except maybe an after party, which we most certainly were not invited to, for reasons we both understand and accept.

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We were at the Logies on the Gold Coast thanks to the brilliant people at Queensland Events and Tourism.