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A romance, a feud and full-frontal nudity: Just 6 things we forgot Locky did on Survivor.

As of now, Australia officially has fresh meat for The Bachelor 2020.

His name? Locky Gilbert. His claim to fame? Being a two-time Australian Survivor contestant who is also not so bad to look at.

Side note – you can learn more about your new Bachelor Locky in the video below, post continues after video.

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On Wednesday, Network 10 announced the 30-year-old adventure tour guide from Perth as our next Bachelor.

Fresh from being stranded without food or hygiene facilities on Australian Survivor: All Stars, Locky will search for love in the rose petal-covered footsteps of former Bachelors Matt Agnew, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Matty J, Richie Strahan, Sam Wood, Blake Garvey and Tim Robards.

Locky, who was the 14th person voted out of the current season of Survivor, also shared his shiny new job title on Instagram, posting:

“There’s no denying I’ve had some incredible, heart-stopping experiences for both work and fun, but this takes the cake. Pack your bags Australia, I am beyond excited to be announced as this year’s Bachelor and cannot wait to share this epic romantic adventure with you all.”


Whether you’re excited to see Locky and Osher’s bromance unfold on The Bachelor or are disappointed with the reality TV crossover casting decision, there’s no denying a Survivor contestant trading their soggy, stinky clothes for a fresh suit will make for good TV.

But, really, what do we know about Locky Gilbert?

If you haven’t been watching this year’s season of Australian Survivor or have no idea who the heck this Locky character is, we’ve put together a handy roundup of Locky’s best Survivor moments to jog your memory.

1. Locky came fifth in his first season of Survivor.

It’s hard to remember exactly when different Survivor contestants were actually on the show… each season kind of melds into one, right?

To clarify, Locky first appeared on Survivor in 2017, which was arguably the season that put Australian Survivor back on the map. Fellow contestants included fan favourite Luke Toki, winner Jericho, villain A.K. and the faux yoga teacher Henry. Tarzan, Jacqui, Jarrad and Ziggy are among other recognisable contestants from Locky’s season.

After surviving 49 days in Samoa, Locky made it to the final five before being voted out to become a member of the Survivor jury (the group of eliminated contestants who ultimately vote to decide who wins).

Sadly, Locky didn’t make it quite as far in 2020, placing 12th in the current season of Survivor.


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2. He was dacked in a challenge… twice.

Now hush, because this is very important. During his time on Survivor across two seasons, Locky had his pants pulled down not once, but twice. But only one of those times ended in full-frontal nudity.

The first time our new Bach lost his dacks took place on Australian Survivor 2017 during a challenge that required one contestant from each tribe to race down a wet slide and wrestle each other for a football. On this occasion, Locky’s opponent Mark W tried to gain the upper hand by grabbing onto the back of Locky’s shorts. The result? A bare bum. On national TV.

Rather than concede to retrieve said shorts, Locky kept fighting and managed to win the challenge, flashing Australia his blurred bits in the process. If your memory’s a bit hazy, no stress. You can watch how the whole thing went down in the video below.

Then, Locky was dacked again in this year’s season of Survivor, only this time, his undies stayed on.

While, again, wrestling with fellow contestant Lee in a team challenge, Locky’s shorts found themselves around his ankles. Shame.

You can relive that slightly less exciting moment here.


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3. An alpha male feud with Tarzan.

There’s no doubt Survivor brings out the worst in people’s personalities. Being damp and hungry all the time will do that to a person. Aside from being a generally well-liked player and admired for his challenge greatness (and being able to reach things), Locky did have one semi-nemesis in his 2017 Survivor season.


The alpha males’ feud boiled over on the first day of the season as the tribe built a shelter and sleeping area to protect them from torrential rain. Locky, being tall and handy, was instrumental in the building of this shelter. But when Tarzan decided to point out (in a rather smart-arsey but hilarious way) the way the shelter had been built would not protect them from sideways rain, Locky lost it.

You can watch how Tarzan’s helpful feedback on Locky’s shelter-building abilities was received in the video below.

4. Locky, the individual immunity challenge beast.

If you’ve been watching Australian Survivor: All Stars, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘challenge beast’. Essentially, it’s the best thing you can be in the early days of the game: a physical beast who can help their team win challenges by being able to lift heavy things and groan loudly.

This year, Locky was a challenge beast from the beginning. But back in his 2017 season, he was even more of a beast, winning three individual immunity challenges in a row.

His first win came during a spinning log challenge against Luke that saw pairs try and push each other off a rotating log into the water below. Locky then beat Luke again in another challenge where contestants had to search for statues underneath 70-odd yellow cones.

Finally, it was a challenge involving keeping a small ball spinning around a hoop in pouring rain that saw Locky take home his third immunity necklace, saving him from being eliminated for a third week in a row.

Really, it’s the stuff of Survivor legends.

5. Locky likes to break the challenge rules.

The Bachelor 2020 suitors will come to learn that their new Bachelor has a competitive streak, which resulted in Locky being disqualified from a 2020 Survivor challenge.

In one of the game’s more brutal challenges, contestants had five minutes to pull themselves along an underwater rope against a current before swimming out to retrieve a flag on a buoy. And even though the show’s host Jonathan LaPaglia made it clear that this challenge would be a non-contact one, Locky was seen holding his opponent Lee back, effectively pushing him underwater.


The move saw Locky disqualified from the challenge round with the point going to the other tribe by default. Look, people have done worse, but it still was a bit of a d*ck move. You can watch how it played out in these gifs below.

locky survivor
Bad Locky. Image: Giphy.
locky survivor
YES JONATHAN. Image: Giphy.

6. Locky's romance with fellow contestant Brooke.

When Locky was announced as our 2020 Bachelor, it came as a surprise to many Survivor fans. Why? Because one of his biggest storylines from this Survivor season was a 'showmance' with fellow contestant Brooke.

While audiences never saw the pair kissing on the mouth (we did see the occasional shoulder kiss, though), Locky and Brooke have both spoken about their closeness during the filming of the show. It appears, yes, there was some kind of romance there, but clearly, it's since ended.

In a recent interview with KIIS FM's The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Locky said his 'relationship' with Brooke ended once he was eliminated from the show.

“Yeah um, Brooke’s an amazing girl, but the thing is, it was filmed like 5 months ago,” he said.

“So, it was quite a while ago and on the show, you just want to have that person that you can fully trust, and like, if you don’t you can kind of lose your mind out there. So, me and Brooke just connected, we had lots to talk about. I think that really helped me in the game.”


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Previously, in an interview with Confidential, Locky added, “We definitely knew people knew we were close to each other. I think they were worried about the strategic side rather than the romantic side."

Brooke spoke to the same publication, saying she never expected to find romance during her second appearance on the reality TV show.

"I definitely didn’t enter the game thinking I would have a romance with anyone. In my opinion, strategically it’s not the smartest move to be so closely aligned to someone and more importantly, I knew that I’d have hairy legs and be extremely smelly in no time. It’s not really the ideal setting to meet your next man," she said.

Here's hoping we learn a lot more about Locky in his upcoming series of The Bachelor, which is set to air in late July. In the meantime, you'll still be able to catch a glimpse of his face on TV as he's sitting on the Survivor jury for the rest of the 2020 season.

What do you think of Locky's casting as The Bachelor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!