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1. “She was devastated.” There are whispers Locky Gilbert dumped his GF to go on The Bachelor.

Ever since Locky Gilbert was announced as our next Bachelor, there’s been a lot of talk about his not-so past relationships. 

And now there’s a new rumour doing the rounds that Locky dumped Charlie Octavia so he could go on the dating show.

You see, an inside source supposedly told Woman’s Day, that Locky broke up with Charlie just days before he went into lockdown for filming.

“She was devastated! Getting dumped by any means is horrible, but finding out he’s The Bachelor… it was a big blow to her,” the source claims.

“She was absolutely smitten with him – they shared a really special bond… she thought he was The One.”

Well. That’s… a little awkward.

And apparently Charlie isn’t the only who was surprised by Locky’s decision to be the Bachelor.
Locky’s Australian Survivor co-star, Brooke Jowett, shared in an Instagram post that she had been “blindsided” by Locky’s new reality TV venture.
“Yes, I’m hurt and a little blindsided (excuse the pun) but I wish the best for Locky, I always will. (Secretly I hope he stacks it and splits his pants on day one),” she wrote on Instagram.

“I guess we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months but you can’t be mad at someone for doing what they feel is best for them, even if it does sting a little.”

She also hinted that the pair had planned a trip to Bali, but assured fans that there were no hard feelings on her side.


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Always take care of the ones close to you xoxo. . #myrideordie #powercouple #livetofightanotherday

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It looks like Locky may have a bit of explaining to do.

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2. Oh. People are upset at Charlotte Crosby for supplying face masks at a bachelorette party and ‘mocking’ COVID-19.

I’m a Celeb star Charlotte Crosby has posted pictures of her friends wearing “Bali b****es” face masks at a bachelorette party before their girls’ trip. And understandably, people aren’t happy about it.

Charlotte was throwing a surprise party for her friend at The Palm in Sunderland and supplied the guests with the personalised black face masks ahead of their Bali holiday.

After posting the photo to Instagram, people immediately started calling her out for mocking the fear around coronavirus.

“When the hen do reveal goes amazing! Best friends forever. Bali b****es,” she captioned the post.


According to The Mirror, Charlotte started deleting negative comments but hasn’t removed the photo.

Yeah… we’re thinking matching party sashes may be the way to go next time.

3. A ‘source’ is saying MAFS’ Aleks was sent texts by Ivan’s friend… and they weren’t exactly welcoming.


It looks like there might be trouble in paradise for one of Married at First Sight‘s most promising couples, Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula, and it’s not what you’d expect.

According to a Now to Love source, Ivan is less than interested in his relationship with 26-year-old Markovic when the cameras are switched off.

“He was on FaceTime to another girl all throughout filming,” the source said.

“At all hours of the day he was caught up with this close female friend – it’s why he was so obsessed with his phone.”

But it didn’t end there.
The source went on to share that an ex of Ivan’s contacted Aleks, calling her a nutcase and claiming that the 30-year-old wished he was dating her and not Aleks.
“You are so ridiculously threatened of me,” the texts allegedly say.
“Don’t forget, this is what Ivan wanted. You’re fighting a losing battle, Aleks, I will continue to support Ivan. You can continue to live a life [full of] jealousy and insecurity.”
A separate source that is a friend of the pair claims that they are staging their relationship in order to “boost their profiles”.


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Squeezing your husband’s head as if he was the cutest puppy you ever did see #MAFS

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To be clear, these are rumours at the moment, we’re still holding out hope for our favourite couple.

4. Everything we learned from Zoë Foster Blake’s New York Times interview.

As if we needed another reason to love Zoë Foster Blake more than we already do.

The New York Times released a profile on the 39-year-old entrepreneur in honour of International Women’s Day and it is very inspiring.

Zoe moved to Sydney when she was 17 to pursue a degree in Media and Communications, before entering “the glory days of magazines.”

Although, creating her own skincare line was never a part of her plan.

“I’d never thought I’d start a business,” she said, referring to her brand, Go-To.

” I thought there was a huge gap in skincare for just something simple. It was legacy bands or really clinical brands or supermarket brands. I just wanted it to be simple and uncomplicated, clean, trustworthy products that you wouldn’t be wasting money on and would know which ingredients actually worked.”

It was when the mum-of-two found herself using the Go-To products on her children that the idea for “Gro-To”, a natural skincare brand for kids, developed.

“The design is meant to look like toys and meant to fit in the kids’ world, rather than baby skincare that is either pharmacy-looking or has tiny baby ducks on it. My five-year-old son doesn’t want tiny baby ducks on his bubble bath.”

Blake concluded with a piece of advice to young women, saying: “There’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs.”

“The market is thrilled with newness and novelty and innovation. You’ve got to make something that you want or where you know there is a gap. Don’t do a version of something that already exists, but have a really strong purpose and give people something to connect with. People want that connection.”

5. A disappearing beard and a suss earpiece: The 15 editing fails viewers have spotted on MAFS.

MAFS 2020 editing fail

After seven seasons of Married at First Sight, we’ve come to believe that a) the editing team doesn’t have great attention to detail, or b) they’ve simply underestimated the complete obsession of fans.

From continuity errors to rogue producers and even suspected earpieces, we’ve seen it all over the past few years.

In fact, at this point, the editing fails and continuity errors on the show have become so frequent, fans have begun to question whether the entire show is ‘staged’ or even ‘fake’.

On Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, fans noticed that Steve’s beard disappeared during the commitment ceremony.

While speaking to the experts, Steve was seen with stubble. But after Mishel shared her decision to stay, Steve suddenly appeared clean-shaven, before appearing with stubble again just seconds later.


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Click like if you noticed the editing fail ???????? This was next level bad haha #mafs #mafsau

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“When the commitment ceremony is so long, Steve grows a beard while sat on the sofa,” meme page MAFS Funny wrote on Instagram.


Did the commitment ceremony really go for that long? Or was the scene just hastily re-shot? Why did they need to film the commitment ceremony again? Did Mishel or Steve change their decision? Or did Steve just randomly shave between takes? WHAT IS GOING ON?

For more MAFS editing fails, read our earlier article here.

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