'Passive aggressive notes.' The 41 things we're sick of right now.


It's been a million weeks in lockdown for those of us in Sydney, and a million more for our Victorian friends, and we need to whinge. 

Precisely none of us are okay.


Everyone's irritable and over it, and while we know we should be grateful that we can see the end of the tunnel, we still feel... really, really cranky.

So from the Mamamia team to you, we would like to open up the floor to a judgement-free zone.

We've had a lot of time to... ponder. And while we could make a list with all the serious, scary and disturbing things we're sick of right now, it's Friday. And we're tired. And that means it's time for pettiness. 

Is 'life' too dark? 


So instead, here are 41 absolutely petty things the Mamamia team and community are absolutely bloody sick of right now;

1. Margs. In plastic takeaway cups. Be gone now please.

2. That stupid song 'My bestie and your bestie, sit down by the fire.' MAKE IT STOP.

3. Trivia nights. Didn't they die in 2020?

4. Dishes and laundry. And dust.


6. The sound of children...playing...near my ear....while I try and work.

7. The weather. It is too hot for veggies, but too cold for salad.

8. How my duvet slips to the end of my bed each night leaving me with just material up near my face.

9. The fact that my Apple Watch isn't accurately representing my standing hours.


11. It's getting warmer and I can't have both the window open and quiet because the blinds have a metal thing on the bottom that taps loudly against the window any time there is enough wind to actually cool the apartment down. 

12. The fact that my dog insists on walks at 6am when I prefer 9am during lockdown.

Watch: A thank you to masks. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

13. The little hair in my facial mole that grows back every time I pluck it.

14. The guy next door using a leaf blower every morning just for the LOLs.

15. My husband is too thumb-intense (palms only thanks!) to ever be a licensed massage therapist. Not relaxing at all.

16. Walking into invisible spider webs on my walk and then spending the rest of the walk trying to remove it but not being able to find it. 


17. Passive aggressive notes in the lift of my apartment about wearing masks. I AM. 

18. The fact I am always out of clean coffee cups.

19. The fact I am not able to go to the grocery store with my boyfriend. 


21. The little sticky circular marks my housemate leaves all over the table when she puts her cup of cordial down.

22. Audio messages. Stop sending me full length conversations via an audio message. Just text me!

23. The sound of my husband snoring while I'm up feeding our baby.

24. No one in my family seems to understand how a dishwasher works. Is it really so hard to put the dishes into it instead of stacking them above it?!

25. Going for walks is the only thing saving my sanity during maternity leave and I haven't been able to all week, because it won't stop raining. 

26. My kids sleeping in later and later on school holidays knowing full well getting them up for school next week is going to be a shit-show. 

27. Barking dogs. They only bother me when I’m irritable, which, right now, is always. 

Shut up.  

28. Still waiting a month later on my Target home delivery order. The store has since come out of lockdown, I could have just gone in and bought it by now!! 

29. Having to get two non-related witnesses to co-sign a document, but I can't leave the house. 


30. Streaming providers who drop episodes weekly. I don’t miss the old days. 

31. That reporting on Victoria (even IN Victoria) always refers to “Melbourne”, which leaves us in regional areas trying to figure out if the situation applies only to Melbourne metro, or to all of Victoria.

32. My iPhone not copying and pasting my confirmation code automatically. 

33. When I realise I left my pawpaw cream in the bedroom, when I am in the lounge room. 

34. Getting doubles of the Woolworths bricks. I just want to complete my store. 

35. I got AstraZeneca because ScoMo told me to, but everyone in my age group waited for Pfizer and now they're having picnics before me. I am SHADY. 

36. Bought myself some Bennett St Dairy cookie dough as a lockdown treat. Ate some raw (seemingly forgot you...can't). Haven't been able to leave the toilet in three days.

37. Stupid walks. To the stupid beautiful beach in my 5km. 

38. Deciding what to have for dinner every single day.

39. How my tinted sunscreen makes the inside of my white hat turn orange. 

40. My dry shampoo just isn't cutting it, but I can't be bothered washing my hair more than once a week.

41. Looking for masks. They are the new hairbands, my daughters take them all. 

Tell us, what are you absolutely sick of right now? It feels bloody great. 

Feature image: NBC.

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