The haircut that works on everyone. (Including half of our office).

‘Lob it off!’ is the hair memo currently being circulated around Hollywood’s hairstylists.

Everyone from Alexa Chung (the lob pioneer) and Cate Blanchett to Mindy Kaling and Naomi Watts are sporting lobs right now.

The lob – long bob – sits anywhere from just below the chin to grazing the shoulders. Often tousled, effortlessly stylish; it’s a cut that suits everyone – even us mere mortals without A-list bone structure.

Heck, even half the Mamamia office is sporting one right now, myself included.

Bobs, lobs and their shorter, blonder counterparts (blobs?) have been trending since last year, and their popularity is due to them being flattering, sophisticated and easy to maintain.

Lobs also allow for experimenting with shorter hair without the risk of cutting it all off into a pixie. Anyone who’s ever gone that short knows the specific kind of pain that comes with the awkward growing out phase, which lasts for what feels like DECADES.

Considering a lob? I spoke to celebrity hairstylist Dario Cotroneo, who counts Laura Dundovic and Gracie Otto among his local clients, about how to ask for for the style at the hairdresser’s and what’s more important, how to style it once you get home.

“When seeing your stylist, make sure you ask them to add layers in the back to give volume to your style, but don’t add too many layers to the front or you risk losing the sleek look of the bob.” Cotroneo says. “And if you have naturally curly or wavy hair tell this to your stylist so they don’t cut the length too short.”


As for what we all want to know – the tricky part; how to replicate the tousled look after you’ve washed it?

Here are Dario’s tips:

1) Use a volumising product (like KMS Add Volume or O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz) on wet hair before blow-drying smooth.

2) After blow drying, my best tip is to use a dry shampoo around the root area near the crown for lift, and spray the ends with sea-salt spray for texture.

3) Blow-dry this into the hair on low speed and add additional dry shampoo as needed at the roots to create more lift.

4) When you’ve achieved the desired amount of lift and texture, finish with a flexible hold hairspray to allow the hair to still move naturally.

Still not convinced to join the lob mob? Well, I don’t want your time here to feel wasted, so here’s a ‘long hair don’t care’ gif for you to enjoy.

Are you a fan of the ‘lob’? If not, who’s your celebrity hair crush?