Lleyton and Bec Hewitt have hit back at reports about their 'rocky' marriage.

Like most couples in the public eye, Bec and Lleyton Hewitt have long been the centre of rumours that their 11-year marriage is “on the rocks.”

But unlike most couples, they’ve traditionally avoided commenting on the incessant media speculation around their relationship.

Until now.

The 33-year-old actress and 35-year-old former world number one tennis player spent Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day and Oaks Day in the Lavazza marquee, where Bec was a racing ambassador.

But ‘insiders’ told New Idea that on Cup Day, Lleyton “proceeded to get more and more wasted, while we didn’t even see her with one drink!”

“Bec’s been hiding a big secret, and it’s the fact they’re growing apart after years of being together,” said another ‘source.’

The claims from a ‘family friend’ about Lleyton’s drinking and gambling go on and on, but the couple have had enough, saying Woman’s Day and New Idea completely fabricated the rift.

Speaking to News Corp, Bec said, “It disappoints me to think that we cannot go out and enjoy a day with friends without it being sabotaged.”


“We really had a great time in the Lavazza marquee, it was fun.”

Lleyton insisted the story “couldn’t have been written by anyone who was actually there, it was so far away from the truth.”

Taking a dig at the publications, he added, “It is a wonder they didn’t say that Bec was also pregnant with our 48th child.”

Their manager, David Drysdale, also defended the couple.

“That is enough!,” he said. “I have never read so much rubbish and fabricated lies continually written by these trash magazines.”

“This is why Lleyton, Bec and myself will never talk to them,” he continued.

“They are a very loving, close knit unit with very strong family morals. That is why saying Lleyton is a ‘party boy’ and their marriage is failing is completely laughable.

“Yes they are in the public eye, but I hope that the public feel insulted by the rubbish these magazines and online sites continue to tout.”

Ultimately, Drysdale said it’s time for these publications to be accountable for the misleading information they publish.