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Absolutely everything we know about Elizabeth Sobinoff's return to MAFS.

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Last year, Elizabeth Sobinoff’s Married At First Sight appearance was a major disaster.

The 28-year-old was matched with Sam Ball, who body-shamed her and cheated with Ines Basic.

But that terrible experience has not stopped Lizzie from wanting to give the ‘experiment’ of marrying a stranger another go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lizzie trusts the MAFS experts… Which is… interesting. Post continues below video.

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We’ve known for a while that Lizzie was back for another fake wedding, but she’s finally set to enter Married At First Sight on Monday night.

Here’s what we know so far about her second go at finding love via a reality TV show.

She is married to Seb Guilhaus.

Seb Guilhaus, 30, is a former AFL player turned personal trainer and natural fitness model.


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Interestingly, Seb is also an aspiring actor (along with most of his castmates).

“I’ve tried working in pretty much most industries – banking, promotions, personal training, constructions,” he told The Advertiser in 2018.

“The only thing that’s been consistent has been my love of entertaining people and making people smile,” he added.

“I thought, ‘What encompasses all of that?’ and I came up with acting.”

Their relationship seems to be going well.

Well, this is good news.

In February, Lizzie and Seb shared almost identical photos from a Sydney lookout point on Instagram.


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Even more interesting, is that the pair both shared pictures of themselves enjoying high tea in a very similar restaurant last year in December.


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Lizzie told she instantly felt more of a connection with her fake husband this time around.

“When he spoke, his voice was really calm,” Lizzie said. “I’m someone who goes on their gut instincts. The first time I did it I couldn’t read the situation and I just felt really unsettled. The second time, my initial reaction was like, ‘ahhh … a breath of fresh air.’

“I can sometimes be quite out there, I’m not going to deny that. He seems like he’s able to handle that. In fact, he might be a little bit out there himself.”

Maybe we will get a MAFS success story out of this season after all.

She was excited to give the show another go.

Lizzie told Who magazine that because her appearance last season was so wrapped up in Sam and Ines’ cheating scandal and the body-shaming, people forgot she was genuinely trying to find love.

“I feel like, if at first you don’t succeed, you have to try again,” she said.


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???? New participants alert ???? Meet the brides and grooms walking down the aisle on Monday! #MAFS

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She had tried dating in between seasons, but it hadn’t worked out for her.

“People were so focused on the show there was no one wanting to get to know me for me. They either thought they were going to get a damsel, someone who couldn’t hold their own, or they were going to get a complete party animal psycho. It’s funny because I don’t drink alcohol. Once a month I come out of hibernation and I go out and it looks like I’m on every single thing but I’m just on, like, Allen’s lollies.

“It was really hard because people I dated didn’t want to get to know me on any level. They were very much like, ‘I want to save you’, but not even listening to what I had to say. Or basically they said I’m not the party girl they thought I was, so basically, ‘you’re boring’.”

She’s already frustrated by her castmates this year.

Lizzie has spoken about this year’s MAFS cast and it’s safe to say, she is less than impressed with their behaviour.

In an interview with, she has compared the contestants from each year, looking quite favourably on the 2019 cast… which honestly, we didn’t see coming.


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Biding my time… ????

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“Last year everyone was quite wild and out there but here’s the thing, they were all passionate,” she said.

“The majority of them wanted to be there and at the dinner parties they all wanted to talk about the other relationships and really get into it. I feel like this season, they were all on tippy toes… I feel like people wanted to say more, but they weren’t.”

She then continued to comment on her new co-stars, touching on the rumour-filled media coverage caused by loose-lipped brides and grooms. (Been living under a rock? You can catch up on all the rumours here.)

“It’s disappointing and it’s upsetting and frustrating. I understand if something slips out… because it’s already happened. But the fact that they’re actually going into detail about things, it’s frustrating, totally frustrating,” she added.

To her credit, Elizabeth herself has kept pretty quiet about what to expect from her appearance on the show.

And perhaps there’s already a feud…

Uh oh.

Contestant Mishel, who is married to Steve on the show, called Lizzie “fake” on Instagram, saying she was “not a fan”.

Why? We don’t know… And we’re going to have to keep watching if we want to find out.

“I do (know why), but I’m not going to say anything,” Lizzie said when asked about the comments by

“That’s just a shame because I felt like at the beginning she was very warm towards me, so it’s upsetting.”

It sounds like this season of MAFS is about to get even juicier.

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