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Bronson 'Lizard Man' Ellery and his ex 'weren't alone when they died', terrified witness claims.

Just yesterday, police determined no third party was responsible for the deaths of notorious Queensland criminal Bronson ‘Lizard Man’ Ellery and his former partner.

But that doesn’t mean they were alone.

A woman has come forward claiming she witnessed the former bikie shoot 20-year-old Shelsea Schilling then turn the gun on himself in his Southport apartment last week.

Shelsea Schilling had an AVO out against Bronson Ellery. Image: Twitter.

According to The Courier Mail, the unidentified woman spent several hours with detectives yesterday and reportedly told police she was in the room when the pair died.

According to the woman's lawyer, Jodi Allen, she has been left terrified by the ordeal but was determined to come forward and help with the case.

“The witness is only a young lady who has been through a traumatic experience and is extremely distressed but is doing her best to assist the investigation,” Allen told The Courier Mail.

Schilling had taken out an apprehended violence order against Ellery and, according to her mother, had previously expressed being "scared for her life".

After learning of her daughter's death, Bonnie Markwell Mobbs shared a note via social media that Schilling had written in which she warned friends, "if I get hurt or die Bronson Ellery is responsible".