"We can't blame the witness for not coming forward about Shelsea's death."

The mother of 20-year-old Shelsea Sky Schilling who was murdered in a suspected murder-suicide has blasted the woman who came forward to say she witnessed the tragedy.

Both Shelsea and her former bikie enforcer boyfriend Bronson ‘Lizard Man’ Ellery’ were found dead in their Southport apartment on the Gold Coast last Friday.

The witness came forward five days after the attack to tell police she was in the unit at the time.

A photo of Shelsea posted is her mother's Facebook profile picture. Source: Facebook

Shelsea’s mother, Bonnie Markwell Mobbs, was angry the unnamed witness on Facebook for watching and not intervening.

“This lady watched our beautiful Shelsea being abused and assaulted and die then left her there and didn’t call the police or ambulance. Then only to say something 1 week later. WTF,” she wrote.

She also revealed new information saying police believed Shelsea suffered a “severe blow to her head then [was] suffocated”.

She adds that the day before her daughter went missing “she brought a lunch box and folder for work”.

Every tiny detail of this story is hard to read.

It’s difficult to look at photos of Shelsea with the man who is suspected to have taken her life. It’s impossible to imagine the absolute all-consuming grief her mother and family are desperately grappling with right now.

A beautiful, popular young girl is gone. Who knows the conversations Shelsea had with her mother about her ex? What horrors had she confided?

Video via Channel 7

Shelsea reportedly quit her job at a dress shop, changed jobs and disappeared to run from Ellery after he breached the domestic violence order she’d taken out on him last year.

All the AVOs and DVOs in the world can’t protect you from this. Knowing what this man, who she mistakenly loved, was capable of, the utter terror that would have been racing through Shelsea’s mind makes me feel sick to my core.

Imagine standing with your back to the ocean, holding your breath, not knowing when that almighty wave will take you down.

Of course, her mother is shattered and heartbroken. And of course, all our heartfelt sympathies are with her.

She’s lashing out on Facebook through aching pain, torment, desperation and disbelief. It’s easier to blame someone who is alive than a man who lays dead.

But we can’t blame the witness in this appalling chain of events. The unidentified woman is immensely brave to come forward. She’s surely just as terrified of this man and his fierce friends as any one of us would be.

Ask yourself, what would you have done?

What could any one of us realistically do in those gruesome, monstrous moments? I can’t even begin to imagine the horror of what she saw. I can’t begin to fathom the blistering fear that flooded her entire being, or come to grips with the shock and flashbacks she is undoubtedly struggling with.

The witness's lawyer has reportedly said her client “is only a young lady who has been through a traumatic experience and is extremely distressed but is doing her best to assist the investigation".

She deserves all the warmth, strength, compassion, encouragement and praise in the world for being so brave. What she’s done is both the right thing - and the hardest thing.

If this chilling case continues to unfold the way it’s being suggested, there is only one person to blame.

Let’s keep focused on directing our storming fury and anger his way.

If you or someone you know needs help don’t hesitate, call 1800RESPECT now.  

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