Now we know why Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant stayed together for 13 years.

They were an It Couple, for ages. And now we know why.

Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley went out for 13 years, 15 years ago.

Both of those facts are already surprising (is it 2015? When did that happen?!).

In separate interviews on the same show, Grant, 54, and Hurley, 49,  have both recently revealed facts about their break-up. And though they both claim to be best friends, things did sound a little bit catty.

Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley in their glory couple days, 1995.

In a segment on Watch What Happens Live (possibly the least creative name for a live talk show we’ve ever seen), Love Actually star Grant was being interviewed by host Andy Cohen. He was asked why the relationship between him and Hurley ended in 2000. The answer?

The sex fizzled.

Watch Hugh Grant’s interview here. Post continues below video:

Other than that, “she’s my number-one best friend in the world”.

One month later, Liz Hurley (who went on to be engaged to Shane Warne for an interesting few years) went on the same segment, on the same show, with the same host, and the same question. Why didn’t your relationship work out?

“He used to really annoy me… My friends used to call him Grumplestiltskin.”

But on a scale of 1-10, he was ‘a 10 in the sack’.

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Hurley also claimed that the couple are still best friends.

Grumpy bastard + fizzled sex = end of relationship, beginning of friendship. A different version of happily ever after.

Watch Liz Hurley’s interview here: