5 things you know to be true if you're living with a Tidy Person.

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 It’s usually the dishwasher that breaks them.

If you’ve ever lived with a Tidy Person, you’ve definitely witnessed the moment where you’ve pushed them too far.

Maybe you’ve left one too many coffee stain rings on the brand new Covelo Side Table from Fantastic Furniture. It’s white, it’s coastal chic, why are you not using coasters?

Perhaps they’ve tripped over yet another errant shoe you’ve left lying in the hallway. But usually it’s because you’ve put a big plate in the small plate section in the dishwasher.

Now they have to remove everything from the dishwasher and restack it while sighing and tut-tutting.

Here are five things everyone who’s ever lived with a Tidy Person knows to be true:

1. There’s a system for everything.

You might think the medium-sized spatula goes in the utensil holder next to the cooktop, but you would be very wrong.

You see, the small spatula and the large spatula belong there, but the medium-sized spatula should always be placed in the drawer second to the top.


Every single item in the kitchen has a designated home, and the system makes precisely no sense to you. Big tongs? Utensil holder. Little tongs? Second drawer. Can opener? Second drawer. Corkscrew? Top drawer, on the right side, definitely not the left.

2. Your stuff will never be where you left it.

You get home from work, fling off your shoes as you walk down the hall, throw your handbag towards the dining table – miss – and shrug as the contents of your bag fly across the room.

When you decide – three hours later – that you need something from your bag, you’re absolutely shocked to find that it’s not exactly where you left it.

Somehow, the contents of your bag have made their way back into your bag and the bag in question is now hanging on the coat stand. And your shoes are sitting in their designated spot in the shoe storage bench the Tidy Person bought from Fantastic.

It’s almost as if someone has come along and picked up after you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. They definitely don’t understand the concept of a “floordrobe” or “the chair”.

As a Messy Person you have developed a clothing system that makes total sense to you.

When you try something on and decide not to wear it, you chuck it on the floor. Why? Because you may want to wear it later and leaving it on the floor ensures you won’t forget about it like you would if, say, you hung it back up in your wardrobe.


You also have a… chair. The chair is home to all the clothes you’ve worn long enough that they’re too dirty to go back into the wardrobe, but aren’t dirty enough to go into the washing basket.

The dress you wore to lunch for three hours? Welcome to the chair.

The Tidy Person in your life will never understand the floordrobe or the chair because they have another system that’s based on storage solutions and… organisation.

4. They always repack the dishwasher after you’ve done it.

As a conscientious housemate/partner/child of the Tidy Person you’ve learnt over the years that leaving your dirty dishes in the sink or on the coffee table or beside the bed is a big no no.

It makes the Tidy Person sigh a lot and very aggressively pack the dishwasher while yelling about how “some people” never tidy up after themselves.

So now you put all your dishes in the dishwasher when you’re done with them. Except… you’re doing it wrong.


Now the Tidy Person sighs and yells about how “some people” don’t know how to follow proper dishwasher etiquette and how there’s a “system” that should be adhered to every single time.

5. Sometimes they look at you and you just know they think you’re…. clutter.

Occasionally when you’re sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching Netflix, you can feel the Tidy Person looking at you.

They don’t say anything but you can tell – from the look of quiet loathing in their eyes – that they would love to tidy you away.

You’re clutter, you see, and you’re getting in the way of their system. There’s a designated place for you and it’s probably in the second drawer next to the medium-sized spatula and the can opener.

Tell us your tips for living with a Tidy Person or a Messy Person in the comments section below. 

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