real life

Why you should live like you're going to die.

How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone?

As someone who had a huge house, 1000 Instagram followers and a jam-packed LinkedIn profile?

Or do you want to be remembered as a decent person?

Think of it this way…

When you’re lying in your coffin (grim, I know, but stick with me…) they won’t be talking about your work accomplishments.

“Joan had exemplary written communication skills and boy, did she know her way around a spreadsheet!”

Well, if it’s all the same, I’d rather you remember me for my dazzling wit and kind heart.

This week on The Well podcast, Rebecca Sparrow and Robin Bailey looked at how you can live a successful life. And it turns out, it’s not what you’ve got or what you’ve done… It’s who you are.

“Being controlled by book sales or reviews, is that a successful life for me? No it is not,” says Bec.

Listen to their conversation, here: 

In his book The Road to Character, New York Times columnist David Brooks says we need to live for our eulogy virtues, not our resume virtues.

Your resume virtues are the ones on your resume. Your jobs, skills, accolades and accomplishments.

Eulogy virtues are the ones that are spoken about at your funeral, and they are at the core of who you are. Are you brave? Honest? Faithful? Are you a good neighbour?

“Have we forgotten about those core values?” wonders Bec.

“Not everybody is going to be JK Rowling, and not everybody is going to be Beyoncé. There is something to be said for the small life. Why does a successful life have to be linked to fame?”

Watch: How to be successful in life. 

Sadly most of us put far more focus on our resume and chasing that promotion than we do on being a good person.

It might be time to start working on those ‘communication skills’ with your friends and family instead.

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