Liv Tyler just set the standard for weird baby names of 2015.

Well, she’s done it. Movie star Liv Tyler has gone full-scale weird with her baby’s name.

And we kind of like it.

This is Liv Tyler. She has a beautiful face and a beautiful baby.

liv tyler 2
Liv Tyler. Image via Getty.

That baby’s name is now…

Sailor. Sailor Gene Gardner.

Yes. Sailor. Like the nautical water-captain.

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You see, Liv gave birth to her second child this month and she’s just announced the name. In an Instagram post, of course. Because everyone knows if it’s not on social media, it didn’t really happen.

The Insta-announcement. Because everyone knows if it wasn’t posted on social media, it never really happened.

This is Liv’s second child, but her first with her partner David Gardner. Her first son, with some guy named Royston Langdon, is named after our favourite food in the world: Milo.

Sure, it’s not as bad as Apple or as… unique as a girl named James, but Sailor is pretty out there. But hey, with an ex-husband named Royston, what do you expect?