Liv Tyler has told us her baby's name in the cutest way.

It’s unique.

Liv Tyler has announced her baby’s name.

And as seems to be the theme with celebrity parents, Liv has given her son a name that is definitely unique. It may even be foreshadowing a future career.

The 37-year-old announced her baby’s name in the most gorgeous way over Instagram on the weekend.

Do you get the clue?

With her little boy's hand holding a sailor pendant she captioned the image, "Sailor Gene Gardner."

Liv's new little bundle of joy has been named Sailor.

Her son was born earlier this month and he was the first for Liv and her partner, Dave Gardner. Little Sailor couldn't wait to come in to the world, so he arrived six weeks early.

Liv's famous dad, Steven Tyler was in the hospital when she gave birth.

We are yet to get to swoon over his face, but the little pic of his tiny hand and the announcement of his name will fulfil us for now.

What do you think of the baby name, Sailor?

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