13 people on the things they do for their partner, "just because."

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Sure, presents from your partner are great.

But when that handbag wears out, or that bottle of perfume is empty, it can be easy to move on and forget a gift that once was. Often it’s the immaterial things and the little random acts of kindness that light up your day and stay with you.

From doing the dishes, to putting their loved one’s towel in the dryer while they’re showering (who couldn’t love that?), 13 people share the little things they do for their partner, or that their partner does for them, just because.


1. “I’ll be the big spoon.”

“It seems silly, but if he falls asleep first or turns onto his side facing away from me, I’ll be the big spoon. It doesn’t seem like much, but I know he likes it when I cuddle him. Plus, he’s ticklish, so that can always be entertaining.” – chemchik900

2. “Buy her some flowers.”

“Buy her some flowers, just because … It will show her you were thinking about her and making her happy rather than just sometime ‘special’ like Valentine’s Day.” – marineturndlegofiend

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3. “I give her the better-looking meal.”

“When I’m the one cooking I will give her the more visually appealing plate. I’ve eaten some very fugly omelettes because of this.” – thosewholeft

4. “Make her coffee every single morning,”

“My stepdad sets up my mum’s coffee every single morning with a cute note for when she wakes up. Every morning for six years. He’s a baller.” – every_of_the_time11

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5. "She leaves early, so I turn her car around in the garage."

"I turn the car around for her in the garage so the front is heading out. She comes home tired and just drives it in and parks. She leaves very early and this makes it nice for her in the mornings to leave for work again. No cranking her head around or worrying what she may back into while getting her coffee on." - NextPost

6. "I leave little notes for him."

"I hide notes for my boyfriend in random places that he could find tomorrow or six months later. Sometimes I'll put one in an easy place, like his coat pocket. But some I hide, like in a book he's been meaning to read. The notes have silly cartoons, reasons he makes me happy or just say I love you. He never tells me when he finds one, but I found a stack of them in his sock drawer a little while ago." - Showmeyourvocalfolds (Post continues after gallery.)

7. "She bought me a card."

"After my wife passed away I found a Valentine's Day card in her sock drawer that I assume she planned to give me. What made it particularly sweet is she generally sucked at gifts and cards. She was raised really poor and gift giving and cards was something they did extremely sparingly. Money was always an issue and she developed a phobia about buying anything that wasn't practical or necessary. She even disliked getting things like cards, flowers or jewellery herself as gifts, because she saw it as a waste of money. I still have that card and treasure it even eight years later." -phil8248

8. "I make a 'movie hamper' for him."

"I sometimes do a 'movie hamper' or 'game hamper' for him if there's a new movie or game out he wants. Basically I'll buy the DVD or game and get him his favourite drinks and food to go with it and leave it all for him to find when he gets home from work." - pizzati

"I'll buy the DVD or game and get him his favourite drinks and food to go with it."

9. "Put their towel in the dryer."

"Put their towel in the dryer while he or she is in the shower and give it to them when you hear the water stop. Hot towel after a shower is intoxicating." - BC10_for_pizza

10. "Do their dishes."

"Do their dishes, much more romantic than flowers." - cobaltcollapse

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11. "I bought her something she really needed."

"About a year into my relationship with this girl we decided to move in together. I soon realised she is like a black hole for socks. Seriously, this girl is always losing socks. So one day I'm at the store and I think, "I should just buy her a pack of socks" and so I did. I got home and she was still at work, and on my way out to go to school I left a note on our coffee table taped to the socks that read "Always thinking of you :)". When I got home, she was in tears. She was overcome with joy because of these freaking socks. It wasn't extravagant...if you wanna do something really nice for your SO...listen to them...and look....p.s. that was 8 years ago and we totally got married." - Dont_Trigger_Bowser

12. "Every day I compliment her about something that isn't her looks."

"Every day I compliment her about something that isn't her looks. She is very beautiful but she is also so much more to me. She will likely search through my comment history and find this so I just want to let you know that you were the funniest person I was with today and you're a great best friend, sweetie." - businessmantis

13. "I get her water...when I really don't want to."

"Get up and get her water even though I don't want to get up and I'm comfy as."  - Thisnickname

What are the little things you do for your partner 'just because' ?

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