Hardcore little girl tells off Gaston at Disney World for being a sexist pig.





All hail Isabella.

The little feminist hero was at Disney World when she came across a man playing a very convincing Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

When he told her to get back to she belonged ‘in the kitchen’, she WENT OFF.

“YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO MARRY BELLE,” she yells. “NEVER, EVER, EVER.” She then continues to school him on being a total knobcloud.

It’s glorious.


He’s all, “I don’t know where this girl came from, but somebody needs to put her back in the kitchen where she belongs right now.” And THEN he’s all “Go do what you’re meant to do in life. No more thinking for you. You’ve done enough of that.”


And then Isabella lets RIP. She basically tells him he’s the worst and that Belle will NEVER pick him over Beast. Never:



Then Gaston (played by an amazing guy who does break character once) concedes defeat. “I’ve been outdone by a girl. A short one,” he says:


Then Isabella struts away (with her mummy), to rapturous applause from the crowd:


Watch the whole, glorious, feminist-in-the-making video here:


Little girl: 1

Gaston: 0










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