We found the woman behind the viral “list of rules for my husband” to see if it's for real.

An Australian woman’s “list of rules for my husband” has gone viral, sending people around the world into an outrage. But can the list be for real?

The woman posted on closed Facebook group Get It Off Your Chest a week ago.

“I am rewriting my list of rules for my husband,” she said. “I was told my first lot was a bit harsh. What do you think of these?”

The woman’s “rules” are:

  • No female friends.
  • No social media.
  • No male friends with partners. Must be single males only.
  • Must work minimum 50 hours a week.
  • No smoking.
  • Can drink but only two times a year or less and not get drunk.
  • No PlayStation/game machines.
  • No porn.
  • Must keep house clean at all times.
  • No going out without me.
list-of-rules-for husband
The offending list in its entirety. Image: Supplied.

Her post received a massive response, with more than 1000 comments. It was picked up by websites around Australia and in the UK. Most people were horrified.

“RUN mate, is what I would tell this poor bloke,” wrote one man on Starts At 60. “This woman has something very, very wrong with her. Control freak. Get a life.”

“This one is a Feminazi,” wrote another. “Feed her to the crocs and find a nice one.”


“If he agrees to these rules, I am sure she has his testicles in her handbag,” added a woman.

Interestingly, several people posted that they’d been in or known of relationships where rules like this applied - except it was the man imposing these rules on the woman.

“Thank God I got away!” wrote one.

Quite a few people questioned if the “list of rules” was genuine, or just a joke.

“I think this is a load of rubbish put up for people to make comments,” one said.

So is it real? The closed Facebook group where it was originally posted, Get It Off Your Chest, describes itself as a “support, vent and banter” page. Mamamia contacted the group, and from there, got in touch with the woman. She didn’t use her real name when she posted in the group, and wants to stay anonymous, but was happy to talk about the “list of rules”.

“It was a bit of a joke that has got people thinking about controlling relationships,” the woman says.

“I am a bit of a prankster at times and often post controversial things that get people fired up.”

She admits she never expected a reaction like the one she’s had – and she doesn’t want to start doing the rounds of talk shows.

“I’m shocked at how many people have contacted me and how far this has gone,” she says. “They all want to put me on TV or radio, and that is not really my thing.”

So just to clarify - this isn’t based on reality, in any way?

“I’m happily married,” the woman confirms, “and we have no rules like this, from myself or my husband.”


Do you and your partner have any rules in your relationship? How does it work?