The Wipflis announce the gender of their baby in the most adorable way possible.

Australian radio presenter Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and wife Lisa announced they were expecting their second child in December. And now the parents have shared the gender of their unborn baby in the sweetest way possible.

With a gender reveal cake.

The photo was shared on Fitzy and Wippa’s Instagram page along with the caption, “Ted Wipfli is excited to meet his baby brother. IT’S A BOY!!! Coming June 2016.”

Image via @fitzyandwippa Instagram.

Speaking to The Daily Mail previously, Wippa said whether the pair were expecting a boy or a girl he 'couldn't lose'.

'I would love a little girl. I want daddy to have a princess,' he said, before going on to say that a brother for Ted would also 'be a lot of fun'.

Image via @fitzyandwippa Twitter.

Wippa went on to open up about Lisa's first 12-weeks of pregnancy and its difficulties.

'It’s just been a rollercoaster and the morning sickness has been a bit of a challenge,' Wippa said.

'It’s been hard at the same time when you can’t tell anyone, when she (Lisa) was getting sick and had to go to bed, I had to rush home and look after Ted,' he added.

Hopefully the pair are having a better time now and we can't wait to see their new arrival.

Congratulations Wippa and Lisa.

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