CULT BUY: Lisa Wilkinson's infamous top. Well, almost.

Yesterday, Lisa Wilkinson wore a high-necked shirt to work.

But this wasn’t just any old shirt. Aside from being a rather nice burgundy floral print complete with cut out neck, it was one she’d – GASP – worn before. Four months ago to be exact.

lisa wilkinson blouse
Seeing double... Image via Instagram/Channel 9.

After being shamed for "daring" to, you know, wear a clothing item more than once, The TODAY host hit back at reports in spectacular fashion - by wearing it again today.

In fact, it proved to be a very popular wardrobe choice, with David Campbell and Sonia Kruger (who's also worn it before, the savvy dresser) also sporting the shirt.

Now, we kind of want to get in on the action. Again.

We told you where you could buy Wilkinson's specific shirt from Sheike a little while back, however it is now no longer available.

BUT we have managed to track one down that looks verrry similar.

Say hello to the Sienna Printed High Neck from Portmans.

Image: Portmans

It's got the same deep burgundy-purple base colour that's perfect for winter, a non-stuffy floral design that's brings it bang on trend, and the extremely popular choker and neck cut out detailing.

The thing that makes it possibly even better than the original? Those SLEEVES.

The floaty, trumpet style will make you feel like seriously fancy - just take care before digging into your lunch.

Tuck it into a pencil skirt, wear with jeans and boots or do whatever the hell you'd like with it, because that's what fashion is.

It's $79.95, which is not exactly pocket change but we can guarantee that like Wilkinson (and dare we say, everyone who buys clothes?), you'll feel completely fine about wearing it more than once.

You can listen to the full episode of 'No Filter' with Lisa Wilkinson here.