People are unhappy about Lisa Wilkinson's stance on letting kids have iPads.

Channel Nine’s Today Lisa Wilkinson has faced backlash from viewers after she expressed her view that parents should not allow young children to use iPads before the age of five.

During the ‘Mixed Grill’ segment on Tuesday, the popular TV personality said parents who expose their toddlers to technology will regret it when the kids grow older.

Lisa Wilkinson's comments have infuriated viewers. Via Instagram.

When discussing the “terrible twos”, Wilkinson said time in front of a screen was contributing to the problem.

"If, as a parent, you allow your children time in front of a screen - you give them iPads, you give them phones - before the age of five, I'm going to be generous, you are crazy," she said on air.

She added: "Come back to me when they're 14 and completely and utterly addicted to their screens. They have no social skills. That's when you'll realise what you did early has come back to bite you."

Wilkinson, mother to Jake, 21, Louis, 19, and Billi, 18, was discussing recent claims from a behaviour expert, who suggested there was no such thing as the “terrible twos” – it was just bad parenting.

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Her comments were backed up by co-host Richard Wilkins, himself a father of five.

"Yeah, it's kids growing up, pushing the boundaries and it's up to us parents to provide those boundaries," he said.

But Lisa Wilkinson's comments were taken to heart by parents on social media, who became defensive of their parenting.


She was called a “sanctimummy” “judgmental and “a parent shamer".

"Disagree... You can't ignore the fact that this society is technology obsessed. I don't believe that it interferes with their learning development or social skills and have witnessed the benefits it has on my daughter," one woman commented on Facebook.

Another wrote: “I think that's a really sweeping statement to make. It's also quite a damaging thing to say. Many parents are doing it hard, questioning their choices, trying to be good parents. Slamming them and calling them crazy is really unfair.”

One mother said she blamed herself for her son's problems. Image via IStock.

“You say bring back your kids to me when they are teenagers and see what they are like?? Well my two teenage boys had screen time and they are just fine thank you very much!!!!” another commentor wrote.

One wrote: "Some mums are having a really rough time and a statement like that only makes it harder for them to get through the day without wanting to give up."

Others discussed their own parenting style, with one person commenting: "I feel like such a bad parent at the moment and we are trying to find out what my son's problem is. I have spent so much time blaming myself for how he is and I am currently battling depression because of it. What am I doing wrong?”

But not everyone disagreed with Wilkinson's sentiment.

“I can't agree more!" wrote one.

"I know parents who have children under 6 addicted to iPads and mobile phones. It's not ok”

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