Lisa Wilkinson does 'Horses' better than Daryl Braithwaite.

Lisa Wilkinson has long been an unabashed Daryl Braithwaite fan.

This morning on Today, perhaps in honour of last night’s ARIAs, she and the Today team recreated their favourite power ballads.

It was no surprise she chose Braithwaite’s Horses (which, is must be pointed out, is actually a cover of Rickie Lee Jones’ song).

The ensuing performance is evidence of many hours spent in front of a mirror holding a hairbrush mic.

Wilkinson really got into it, complete with white linen shirt, tousled hair, and fist-pumping. She’d been superimposed into the original, so it was a Wilkinson/Braithwaite duet, of sorts.

Watch List Wilkinson singing her fave song… Post continues after video.

That’s the way it’s going to be little darling! Lisa you’re a natural ;) #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, 26 November 2015

It wasn’t even the first time she’s taken to national television to sing Braithwaite’s version of the song.

In 2013, she sang the song, live, with Braithwaite himself for the Gold Telethon telecast.

Lisa and Daryl’s 2013 performance.

She’s a total Braithwaite fangirl.

“That was one off the bucket list,” she said.

“No girl should get to do what I just did.”

Each to their own, Lisa!