Lisa Wilkinson is going to wear the "penis jacket" on air, because solidarity.

She’s ballsy that Wilkinson…

The Internet recently went into collective giggle fits over Ten News Australia anchor Natarsha Belling’s unfortunately phallic neckline.

In case you’ve forgotten, it looked like this.

Like a penis.

Relive it here: Natarsha Belling’s “ballsy” jacket has melted the Internet.

In a show of solidarity for her fellow journalist, Today show host Lisa Wilkinson has put out a call news anchors everywhere to stand up for Belling’s right to wear whatever the f*ck she wants and rock the same jacket on air tomorrow.

And if there was ever a time to check out our gallery of accidental penises, it is now… (Post continues after gallery):

Unfortunately however, before making the excellent call out, Lisa forgot to check if the jacket was in her wardrobe. She tweeted this this morning:


Isn’t that always the way?

While Wilkinson couldn’t wear the same jacket, it turns out ABC News Breakfast co-host Virginia Trioli could. And she did.

Virginia Trioli with a very penis-looking jacket. Good on ya, Trioli.

Good on ya, Trioli.

Anyway, we don’t think the small detail about the dry cleaners detracts from the general point Wilkinson was trying to make. And that’s that sure, things that look like penises ARE funny, but a journalist should be able to do her job without copping flack for her fashion choices.

You go, Wilkinson.