Lisa Wilkinson has addressed rumours that Karl Stefanovic is paid a lot more than her.


Last night, on ABCs The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Lisa Wilkinson addressed rumours that her Today Show co-host, Karl Stefanovic, is paid substantially more than her.

Wilkinson appeared on the program to celebrate 10 years on Channel Nine’s Today, where she has interviewed six different Australian Prime Ministers, the family from the Sound of Music, and even Melania Trump.

Halfway through the interview, Pickering asked,  “I’d like to talk about an issue that I’m sure is close to your heart. I’d like to talk about the gender pay gap on your show. Because it’s been widely reported that Karl is paid significantly more than you as a host on The Today Show, why do you think that is?”

Wilkinson took a deep breath and responded, “And you believe everything you read?”

Image via ABC.

Without skipping a beat, Pickering said, "Well I believe everything Karl's publicist puts out."

The conversation continued, "I have no idea what Karl's on just as he has no idea what I'm on."

"Oh this is fascinating now" Pickering pressed. "You've never thought of having a friends-style pact where you both get paid the same?"

After a moment of thought, Wilkinson replied, "Um, no."

"Right," Pickering said.

"I suspect that's bullshit."

In a tense moment, Wilkinson retorted, "I can put my hand on my heart and say I have no idea what Karl is paid and he has no idea what I am paid."

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"And you don't think Channel Nine is the place where men would be paid more than women for the same work?" Pickering asked.

"I do it out of love anyway..." Wilkinson said.

They then moved on to the subject of Wilkinson's marriage with Peter Fitzsimmons.

In June of last year, it was reported by The Australianthat Stefanovic earns two and a half times the salary of Wilkinson.

Stefanovic was said to make roughly $2.5 million annually, in comparison to Wilkinson's $1 million pay cheque.

At the time, a spokesperson from Channel Nine declined to comment.

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