Lisa Wilkinson just said something that made her co-hosts very, very uncomfortable.

Nice one, Lisa. It’s good to see you out-Karling Karl.

It’s fair to say that Lisa Wilkinson is no stranger to awkward sexual innuendos slipping into harmless segments on The TODAY show – because, let’s face it, she works with Karl Stefanovic. So when she made an on-air ‘slip up’ that left her co-hosts in hysterics, we’re not really too sure anyone was all that surprised.

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Let’s set the scene. (Spoiler alert: the question left journalist Sylvia Jeffreys looking like this)…

Sylvia Jeffreys is thinking did she really just say that…

Basically, a segment showing Sylvia in a Bear Grylls style challenge aired. And it consisted of what everyone is dying to watch while eating their breakfast: Jeffrey’s struggling to eat various bugs.

Lisa, seemingly innocently, followed this up with the obvious question: “So, did you swallow?”

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Her co-hosts, professional as always, didn’t know where to look or what to do with themselves as they tried to process how to respond.

Lisa’s comments left everyone in stitches.

Jeffreys, struggling to formulate an appropriate repsonse, replied, “I swallowed the worm … Lisa, anything else you’d like to say about that story that I worked very hard on for many hours?”

You can watch the whole segment below:

Classic Karl and Lisa.

Looks like Karl was just happy that for once the joke wasn’t on him.