Lisa Wilkinson's Italian holiday has ended in a very painful disaster.

If you’ve been enviously following TODAY co-host Lisa Wilkinson’s luxurious holiday this last fortnight, you’re not alone.

Perfect photographs of the television personality perched on Italian stairs, along with snaps of her dining at quaint cafes and lapping up the European sun, have populated her Instagram feed recently.

But for the first time on Friday, we’re feeling not so jealous of the mum-of-three.

“Somehow I just knew it was all too perfect…” the 57-year-old wrote on HuffPost, a publication of which she is the editor-at-large, about her experience.

“Today, we were just about to head out from our hotel in the village of Amalfi to the hills behind us, when I thought I’d take a quick shower to freshen up,” she continued.

“I knew the floor was slippery, but the moment of falling seemed to take forever. My mind went in slo-mo — even though my body was in fast-forward — as I calculated just how bad the fall was going to be. I was right. Very bad.”

The successful journalist had broken her wrist so badly it left her in “more agony than I’ve ever felt, outside of child-birth.”


While the ordeal was an incredibly painful one, Wilkinson praised the kind doctors and nurses who treated her. Ultimately she highlighted Italy’s brilliant healthcare system – which allows any person, including tourists – to be treated for free in public hospitals.

“Ultimately, not the mid-year break I was looking for — snapped in two places — but, still, thank you Italy for your beautiful vistas and great big heart,” Wilkinson finished.

We’re sending you lots of cups of tea and wishing you a speedy recovery, Lisa!

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