You know you want to see Lisa Wilkinson in the '90s with waist-long hair.

Deep breaths — we’ve got another big serving of hair news for you to pore over.

Usually when we cover celebrity hair changes on The Glow, we focus on what’s new. However, today we’re kicking off with a bit of time travel, thanks to Today show host Lisa Wilkinson.

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Yesterday, Lisa shared a ‘throwback Thursday’ photo on Instagram, which had been taken during her reign as Cleo editor in the 1990s. And what a throwback it was — the button-down blouse and earrings are gloriously early nineties, but it’s Lisa’s hair we can’t stop staring at.

These days, the 55-year-old is rocking a wavy long bob, but in her Cleo era it was long, straight and lightened. One word: amazing.

Lily Allen

Next up is certified colour chameleon Lily Allen, who overnight has given her hair a rainbow makeover for the ten thousandth time (rough estimate).

In recent years the British singer's hair has been pink, blue, black, yellow, orange and purple — sometimes at the same time. For her latest transformation, it would appear Lily has drawn inspiration from her fruit bowl; her short bob now resembles a neon watermelon.

We don't think this will be the last of Lily's extreme hair changes.

"Not long till I'm 30, one last hurrah on the hair front. Watermelon hurr dun care," the 29-year-old wrote on Instagram. (If you're struggling to comprehend that last bit, allow us to translate: 'Watermelon hair, don't care'. Kids these days and their fancy text speech, huh?)

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Lily, if you're reading this, please don't let turning 30 deter you from your adventurous dyeing ways. We're hoping to see many more fruity looks from you in years to come. (And, if you're looking for something less extreme, may we recommend Instagram hair?)

Bec Judd

Although candy-coloured hair is certainly having its time in the spotlight, there's still room for more subtle dye jobs. Just ask TV presenter Bec Judd, who gave us all a squiz at her lovely new "freelights" on Instagram last night. No, 'freelights' doesn't mean highlights that don't cost any money (ha! if only) — the term refers to a freestyle application of hair colour in the balayage style.

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Check out Bec's hair, and the other celeb cuts and colours we can't get enough of, in the gallery below. (Post continues after gallery.)


Fashion Week

Celebrities aren't the only ones doing exciting and daring things with their hair this week.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is close to wrapping up now, and while the sartorial designs have been nothing short of stunning, we'd be lying if we said the catwalk hair and makeup hadn't stolen our attention. Sorry about that, fashion designers.

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From sleek buns to rainbow dreadlocks, local stylists have really been outdoing themselves behind the scenes this week. Jayne Wilde, hair director for ghd, has kindly shared with us the secret behind the look she created for the Maticevski show.

Image via ghd

"We pulled the lengths of the hair up into a twisted bun and fastened just below the crown of the head. To keep the look clean and polished we smoothed the hairline back all the way around the head," Wilde explains.

"We then added an element of edginess by placing two layers of coloured latex over the twisted bun. The tightness of the latex around the hair allows it to be pulled at the corners, creating unique shapes for a dramatic effect on the runway.” We're not sure the latex is entirely office-appropriate, but don't let us stop you from giving it a try.

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Here are some more shots from Fashion Week, courtesy of ghd.