5 times Lisa Wilkinson has rocked the style classics this month.

Last week, Virginia Trioli shared a letter that she had received from a fan, pointing out that she was “in need of a makeover”.

What Virginia’s pen pal failed to appreciate was that morning breakfast presenters are style icons in this country. When they wear something on the tv, these hosts tend to cause a designer stampede.

None more so that journalist and Today Show host, Lisa Wilkinson.

You know those classics that you’re always being told to invest in – black heels, striped tees, trench coats? Lisa not only owns them, she OWNS them when she puts them on at 3am, every week day at turns up on our TV screens.

So, by way of proof, here are the 5 times Lisa Wilkinson rocked classic wardrobe staples this month.

1. Stripes + blazer.

Lisa is the master of the classics. And this is no exception: Breton stripes and a blazer. And it doesn’t hurt to have one of the world’s most beautiful women on your arm.

2. Trench coat and ripped jeans.

A classic trench but this time Lisa added some artfully ripped jeans to hang out with the delightful Abigail who is having treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma. Everyone here is looking super cool and is accessorising with big smiles.

3. A white shirt.

This is from her Australian Traveller photoshoot. And there’s no bumbags, zip up fleeces or sports sandals in sight. Lisa travels with class.

4. Cowboy boots.

Yeeha! Cowboy boots, extra-long belt and a place to lean (in this case, the Devil’s Marbles in the NT).

5. Animal print.

Well, we did say that “Lisa rocks the classics”. And in this ensemble on Friday, she rocked Olivia Newton-John’s Let’s Get Physical.

Lisa made the joke that she was wearing Richard Wilkins’ hair. We suspect she might also be wearing his boxers.

Either way, she makes it work.

Here are some more examples of Lisa’s remarkable style (via Instagram):