Lisa Wilkinson says her kids follow a very "freaky" birthday pattern.

It’s the kind of coincidence that seems just a bit… too coincidental.

Australian journalist Lisa Wilkinson revealed an unusual family pattern in a birthday post commemorating her two sons.

The picture, uploaded to Instagram, informed followers that her two sons share a birthday despite being born two years apart.

“Huge happy birthday to our two beautiful boys born on the same day two years apart. All grown up now…and the best of mates,” she said.

The 56-year-old presenter went on to say daughter Billi would have also shared the birthday if she hadn’t come four days too soon.

“If only Billi had arrived on her due date (instead of four days early) I would have had three babies all born on the same day two years apart,” she said.

Wilkinson then went on to reveal the trend was even carried by father Peter FitzSimons who shares a birthday with his sister.

“… Just like their dad, who was born on his older sister’s second birthday. Freaky, huh?” She said.


Freaky? I’d be stuffing my pockets with lottery tickets and folding foil hats.

The comment section of the post has become filled with families whose members share birthdays.

“And here I was thinking I was strange eldest 2 of 3 share a birthday two years apart. Makes it all the more special,” one user said.

“I have two born on the same day 3 years apart,” another user said.

Lottery tickets, guys. It’s not freaky – it’s downright spooky.

Feature image via Instagram: @lisa_wilkinson.

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