Married At First Sight's Simon interrupted Lisa Wilkinson's question. Big mistake.

When Married at First Sight‘s Alene and Simon appeared on The Today Show this morning, they basked for a moment in their adorable, genuine affection for each other.

But only for a moment. Because then – as discussions about the juggernaut matchmaking program inevitably do – it suddenly became all about Nadia and Anthony.

And host Lisa Wilkinson wasn’t going to let the popular lovebirds escape without forking out their two cents.

"It becomes our business." Image: Channel 9.

Asked to "sum" up the toxic mess that is the 'Nanthony' relationship, Simon remained diplomatic.

"I'm not going to go knocking them, because if it's not meant to be it simply wasn't meant to be," he said.

Probed over whether he thought that Anthony broke Nadia's heart, Simon stayed coy, responding, "I don't think he did anything intentionally".

But Lisa pressed him further, before Simon suddenly interrupted her mid-sentence.

Lisa began: "You don't think he was disingenuous when he said that beautiful speech to her and a day later once the cameras stopped rolling -"


"I have to admit, I don't know the full story here and that's none of my business at the end of the day," Simon cut in.

But host Lisa Wilkinson wasn't having it.

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"Sorry, it becomes our business when it's on reality TV. Because we are all invested," she clapped back.

"Particularly for young girls who are watching how relationships are conducted, it's kind of important that they learn lessons of what to do and what not to do and what to be careful of."

Image via Channel 9.

Oh, Lisa, you Queen.

"I think as far as be male or female, trust your gut feeling as well. Don't be led down the garden path as well," Simon responded.

"Just feel like you've got to settle. Nadia put her two bob's worth in at the end as well and put her feelings out there as well.

"Obviously it wasn't meant to be."