Lisa Kudrow goes on US chat show, says things we never knew about Friends.

Monica Geller from Friends.

Neurotic? Yes.

Competitive? Yes.

Slutty? According to the NBC network, YES.

Lisa Kudrow, aka ‘Phoebe Buffay’ from Friends, was interviewed by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel this week.

Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, and some ice-cream.

“When we were shooting the pilot, the network got really nervous. In the episode, Monica sleeps on the first date with the guy… he didn’t have a name, he was like, the salesman guy, I don’t remember.”

(In that initial episode, Monica scores a date with a guy we know as ‘Paul, The Wine Guy’, who works in her restaurant.)

“They were really nervous and said, ‘The audience won’t like her cause she’s sleeping with him on the first date! It’s slutty! They actually made up a survey to give to the audience to ask them questions like, ‘So Monica sleeps with this guy… on the first date, and how does that make you feel? A: I’m fine with it. B… something like that! It was a survey, and most of them were like, ‘It’s fine!’ They seemed a little irritated like, ‘Oh, knock it off!'”

Thankfully, Lisa was as incredulous about it as we are. Nobody talks about our Monica like that.

Also in the interview, Lisa revealed that her 16-year-old son does NOT LIKE the show, and his least favourite character is Phoebe.

As Chandler Bing would say… Could he BE any more wrong?

Sigh. We miss our Friends.

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