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Bachelor in Paradise's Lisa believes we may not have seen the real Luke on the show.


There’s a tropical cocktail-themed scandal afoot, people.

You see, former Bachelor contestant Lisa Hyde went on Bachelor In Paradise to find love.

There she found Luke, the lanky silver fox who is in fact only in his early 30s.

Luke and Lisa immediately hit it off and on last night’s episode they left paradise together to try to make it on the outside.

A move that had everyone in Australia wondering… WHY YOU WALK AWAY FROM ALL THOSE FREE MANGO DAIQUIRIS THO?

In the outside world – sans cocktails – things quickly fell apart.

Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews debrief on Jarrod’s new love interest(s), on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues.

So, like a seasoned investigative journalist I spoke to Lisa to ask the hard hitting questions like… why you walk away from all that free booze? And why did Michael make a speech about loving you when he has never actually spoken to you? Also, why is Jarrod so pink?

Lisa explained that while she was sipping on said cocktails a work opportunity was presented to her. So, she and Luke actually chatted about their decision for a couple of days before leaving paradise.

“For me as much as I’m there with my heart, I’m also there with my head,” she told Mamamia.

“We had one week to go and I knew Luke and I were in a strong place and could catch up on the outside.”

After leaving paradise Lisa and Luke dated for a couple of months and even met each other’s families.

Then it happened.

Luke cheated on Lisa and their once tropical-themed love story was over.

“It was not the outcome I had hope for,” she explained. “But I have too much respect for myself as a woman to sit back and let that happen.”

The 31-year-old said Luke was now dealing with the “consequences from his actions” and he “put himself in that position”.

“Once you break the trust it’s really hard to come back from that, so we’ve just parted ways and tried to be adult… but there’s definitely no going back for me.”


The former Bachelor contestant said she found it particularly difficult watching Luke craft his image, and set himself up to be the “nice guy” on social media, after the group text about the cheating incident was leaked online.

“I’m not about to do cryptic messages to keep everyone intrigued,” she explained.

“I’m not going to be fake about it and say ‘Oh, I wonder if Luke gives me a rose?’ when a couple of months down the road he cheats on me.”

For Lisa that was the most difficult part – reconciling the public’s perception of Luke with what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

“The hardest part was everyone messaging me saying ‘What a lovely person with a kind soul’, and you know, that’s one part of him but.. yeah,” she told Mamamia.

While she hopes we saw “the real Luke” on Bachelor in Paradise, Lisa has moved on and is planning to meet someone who’s not in the public eye.

So could that someone be Michael Turnbull?

Um, sadly… no.

“We have a really, really nice friendship but I think for me I’d just really like to meet someone the old fashioned way.

“I don’t know whether the bachie boys are the right ones for me.”