The places a lipstick wearer leaves her mark.

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In one of the early seasons of Mad Men, a fledgling copywriter named Peggy Olsen comes up with a catchy slogan for a lipstick campaign: ‘Mark Your Man’.

“From a basket of kisses, she picks one. It makes her unique. It colours her kiss, and her kiss, well… it colours her man,” her copy reads.

The Mad Men women marked their men.


Now, as someone who wears a lot of lipstick - practically every day, with a few exceptions - I think Peggy's just about nailed it.

The only thing is, a woman in lipstick doesn't only mark a man (or woman for that matter).

Oh, no. To wear a bold colour on your lips is to leave a smudgy trail of evidence everywhere you go - which is an issue for any woman considering moonlighting as a catburgler.

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Side note: Seriously, DC Comics - you mean to tell me Catwoman did all her thieving with a perfect rouge lip and didn't leave a single mark on her surroundings? Or at least on one of her teeth? Please.

It's a great lippie, though.


As a lipstick fiend, I invariably find imprints of my mouth on the bits and pieces of my day-to-day live. My path of destruction takes in loved ones, cutlery, clothing, pillowcases, various regions of my own face... you name it, I've stained it. In 45 years' time I'll probably be leaving red lip-prints all over some poor grandchild's face.

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A quick office poll revealed I'm not the only one to make my mark in weird places, so I know there are more of you out there. Step into the light, ladies. There's nothing wrong with painting the town (and your house, and wardrobe...) red. Unless it's a lip stain, in which case: good luck getting that out of your collar.

Anyway. To make a point, I decided to document the things I, and the other lipstick wearers in The Glow office, left a mark on throughout the week.

Your turn. What are the weirdest places you've found lipstick prints? And what's your favourite colour to leave those prints in?

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